All Series Vine Mansion | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV series)

Vine Mansion | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV series)

admin Analysis – ‘Vine Mansion’, which was screened in 2002 and 2003, shared by Özcan Deniz and Nurgül Yeşilçay, holds the most watched series record in Turkish television history with 81.3 views. The phenomenon was so popular that on Monday nights, when it was released, life stopped, streets were empty, everyone was closing in their homes.

What happened in the series was also the subject of the main news. After connecting its loyal audience for a long time, it moved to the big screen under the name of ‘Vine Mansion Life’ this time. The film, which was shot as the finale of the series, had a high box office success, probably due to the interest in the series, but could not have had a strong impact on the audience.


Channel: ATV

Producer: ANS Production-Abdullah Oğuz

Genre: Drama series

Release Date: March 11, 2002

End Date: June 16, 2003

Venue: Nevşehir Cappadocia, Istanbul

Number of episodes: 54

Number of Seasons: 2

Duration: 60 minutes

Music: Cem Erman, Tolga Kılıç

Starring: Özcan Deniz, Nurgül Yeşilçay

Cast: Selda Alkor, İpek Tuzcuoğlu, Menderes Samancılar, Selda Özer, Eylem Yıldız, Devrim Saltoğlu, Nihal Menzil, Ege Aydan, Kenan Bal, Şerif Sezer, Yaman Tarcan, Burak Altay, Aysun Metiner, Efsun Alper, Zeynep Eronat, Canan Hoşgör, Murat Onuk

Screenplay: Meral Okay, Mahinur Ergun

Director: Çağan Irmak


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Derya Arbaş, who upset everyone with her untimely death, was inspired by Vine Mansion with her life story. Bahar, who is the daughter of a bureaucrat family from Istanbul, meets Seymen while completing her education in New York. The couple who fall in love with each other go to Cappadocia to get married. Seymen is the successor of Cappadocia’s well-established family with a deep-rooted tradition.

He lives with his family in a wonderful house called Vine Mansion. Bahar  admires the region, and Seymen’s dignity in the region. With love, intrigue, conflict, power and all the excitement, this series has received the title of the most watched series of all time throughout the 54 episodes.


Vine Mansion is Cappadocia, a different world with its mystical atmosphere and mysterious geography. Vine Mansion, where the legendary series passes, is also a place we say, with its contribution to Nevşehir Cappadocia tourism. The series was shot in two different mansions. One of these mansions is located in Mustafapaşa, the City of the Sun, 5 kilometers from Ürgüp, and serves as a hotel – restaurant under the name ‘Old Greek House’. Operators have been the original owners of the mansion since 1938.

The story of the mansion begins in 1887, when it was built. One of the most spectacular Greek houses of its time, the mansion is the summer residence of Yorgos Vasilio, a fisherman from Istanbul, and his family. Its doors open from summer to summer and the winters are completely silent. In the Turkish-Greek exchange, when Yorgos Vasilio was sent to his country in the 1924s, he left his home to a Turkish family he never knew. A family appointed as a teacher in the city in 1938, the mansion, which was bought by the Öztürk family, has been in the same family since then. The mansion started operating in restaurants and hotels in 1992.

While the interest in the venue increased after the series gained great audience, a fire was created in accordance with the scenario with the disagreement between the owners and the company that made the series. Thus, this mansion in Mustafapaşa is bid farewell and moved to the mansion with a monument in front of it in the center of Ürgüp.


Özcan Deniz -Seymen

Nurgül Yeşilçay-Bahar

Selda Alkor- Sümbül

İpek Tuzcuoğlu-Dicle

Menderes Samancılar-Bekir

Selda Ozer-Dilara

Eylem Yıldız-Zeynep

Devrim Saltoğlu-Seyhan Karadağ

Nihal Menzil-Fatma

Ege Aydan-Yaman

Kenan Bal-Ali

Şerif Sezer- Kader

Yaman Tarcan-Haydar

Burak Altay-Salih

Aysun Metiner-Lale

Efsun Alper-Ayşe

Zeynep Eronat-Piraye

Canan Hoşgör-Gül

Murat Onuk-Can

Erkan Atbin-Murat

Goncagül Sunar-Hayriye

Metin Yıldırım-Mehmet

Yeliz Özdemir-Asya

Naz Temel-Zeliş

Can Kesici-Rıza

Yonca Cevher-Duygu

Taner Barlas -Süleyman

Ali Başar-Tamer

Barış Hayta-Hakan

Dilaver Uyanık-Mahmut

Ali İpin-Kemal

Meltem Savcı – Keriman

Arda Öziri-Haluk

Nejat Öğünç -Orhan

Evalina Parlak-Nancy

Türkan Kılıç-Suzan

Ecem Altındöken-Menekşe

Hakan Vanlı-Commissioner Fırat


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The legendary series’ Cem Erman and Tolga Kılıç signed emotional generic music in the memories, breaking the record records.


A special channel has been opened on YouTube for Vine Mansion In this channel, you can find important scenes and watch all 54 episodes.