Who is İdris Nebi Taşkan? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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29 March 2023 18:03


Who is İdris Nebi Taşkan? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

İdris Nebi Taşkan was born on August 18, 1997 in Istanbul. He is originally from Adana. The Turkish series actor is also a professional basketball player.

Name: İdris Nebi Taşkan
Date of Birth: August 18, 1997
Place of Birth: Istanbul
Length: 1.90 m.
Weight: 81 kilos
Zodiac: Lions
Eye Color: Blue
Mother: Serpil Özsavaner
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nebitaskannn
Pets: He has a dog.

Family: He has twin sisters. His mother is a housewife, he has a hotel from his grandfather. He had an unhappy childhood. “It was a troubled family. At the age of 11 they divorced. My mother was very unfair. I haven’t seen much time with my father since I was little. My mom had to take care of us alone. ”

Childhood years : Because of his height, his nickname was ‘Kazma İdris’ in the neighborhood. “The popularity criterion in the neighborhood was playing good football. I couldn’t do much. They always put me in the castle. I was lazy. All I wanted was to leave the school and play a video game at home. I used to play until the morning, at least because I would be the best … I would have been excluded in the neighborhood. I was a clumsy kid. ”

Education life: While playing basketball, he was influenced by the movies he watched and decided to become an actor and received acting training. “I sat down one day and started watching behind the scenes of the movie Avengers / Marvel. I saw that nothing is as it seems; those very famous actors were also making mistakes! They were not perfect, but they were laughing and having fun… I was amazed. Since I was young, I put my mother on my arm and the agency agency started to wander. I put my mind to be an actor, but I also knew I had to be trained. I tried all the acting workshops, but none agreed to train me. Currently, I continue my education at Beykent University, Department of Performing Arts. ”

The turning point of his life: He made extras on many TV shows. He was very excited every time I was called to the set, but the camera did not shoot him. He was always invisible. He always thought that this would go like this. When he consults several acquaintances who know these things; He was getting my answer, “The neck is long, you can’t be an actor.” His faith was about to break. “I started coaching at the sports school. Everything changed there! A friend of my mother saw me and showed my photos to Lale Eren and Zeynep Günay Tan. My life has changed since then. I was selected for the lead role of ‘Friends are Good’.

First step to acting: He had his first acting experience in 2014 with the series ‘Magnificent Century’.

With which project did it shine? In 2017, he attracted attention with the character of Yasin portrayed in the series ‘Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters’.

Personality traits: Ambitious wears whatever he can’t do. He is fond of freedom. Hardworking and determined.

Social: His biggest hobby is sports. In my spare time, they do fitness and meet with their friends and play a basketball game between them.

Mindset: “Many people on the street respond to me positively about the characters I reflect on the show. In this way, I focus more on my job and become more motivated. It makes me very happy that the audience looks after our business with us. ”

The source of happiness: “The only thing that hasn’t changed in my life since childhood, the friendships I had when I was a child, now my closest friends … They will always remain so.”

Life attitude: “I am a lion sign. Whatever I can’t do, I get hungry. This was what led my life. I was greedy for being bad at football, I entered the football club. Then I met basketball. My mother always wanted me to be a basketball player. I played with ambition in it and was eventually elected to the national team. ”

Business life view: “I have no limits on acting: I stay naked, I play in the sex scene.”

First motion picture: Özgür Dünya / Şevki Es, Faruk Aksoy

Role model: Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

How is it between social media: He likes to use social media, he is an active user. “Of course, I read the comments as best as I can, because I care about and value people’s thoughts about me. I read to see what they think positive and negative. ”

Relationship with nature: He loves the coastal areas. When he wants to listen to his head, he usually goes to drink tea, coffee in the coastal areas and listens to music. He prefers calmness and peace.

Which movie was he influenced by? Can Dostum / Gus Van Sant

Favorite book: Mice and People / John Steinbeck

His motto in life: Never give up!

Strangest feature: Very obsessive.

Does he follow fashion? No brand obsession, he takes everything he thinks is good. “Comfort is very important to me in disguise, the style I can be comfortable with is my style.”


2019/2020 – Ruthless City/ Civan Yılmaz

2017 – Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters/ Yasin

2016 – Friends are Good / Eren Kahraman

2015-2016 – Poyraz Karayel

2014 – Magnificent Century

2011- Here Is Too Much


2019 – Free World / Tolga

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