Series News Weeks pass, but the Yargı series does not lose anything of its power!

Weeks pass, but the Yargı series does not lose anything of its power!


Even though weeks have passed in the TV series, Yargı (Judgment), which met with the audience on Sunday evenings on Kanal D, the fact that the series Yargı is standing still does not go unnoticed.

The 54 episodes of the series starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu have been left behind. However, the audience seems as excited and curious as on the first day. There is only one thing that this reality shows, the scenario is everything…

Yes, no matter how impressive, immersive, exciting and curious the scenario of a series is, it can be described as “very successful” for that series. The Yargı series continues to be a very successful production with the ratings it gets every week.

The story of the series emerged 2 years before it was broadcast, but in the process, it was finalized by making many changes by the screenwriter Sema Ergenekon.

In fact, it was on the agenda a season before the series started, but the shooting was not started because it was not quite ready.

In the series Yargı, which continues its second season and we are certain to stay on the screen for a few more seasons if it goes on like this, screenwriter Sema Ergenekon meets both the curiosity element and the expectations of the audience very well.

The story of the series both drags the audience and makes them experience different emotions at the same time.

Weeks pass, but the Yargı series does not lose anything of its power! 7

Of course, the most important success factor of the series is that no one knows what will happen next in the scenario. It is even difficult to predict.

The actors also experience this feeling and explain in every interview that they are surprised by the surprises in the script.

This is what ensures that the Judgment series, which competes with the Teşkilat (Organization) on Sunday evenings, is consistently top of the day in AB and ABC1 groups.

For all people, we can say that things are going well for the series Yargı, which is sometimes the first and sometimes the second.