Artists News Selim Bayraktar is in the series again with a very special role that makes him want to play!

Selim Bayraktar is in the series again with a very special role that makes him want to play!


Selim Bayraktar, who started to appear on the screen with the character of Ziya in the Channel D series called Veda Mektubu (Farewell Letter), surprised many of his fans.

The actor had previously appeared in many different roles and was generally admired for his success in villain characters. However, this time, we see the audience on the screen with a useful character who looks at life from a very different point of view.

Talking about the reasons for his desire to play the character of Ziya, Selim Bayraktar plays a socially responsible person in giving up his own wishes, despite having valuable thoughts.

The name Ziya, which means shining, emitting light, seems to suit this role quite well. Selim Bayraktar defined the character of Ziya as “a codependent person who contradicts himself from time to time and stands on the edge of a black hole”.

Talking about the characteristics of such people, the actor explained the following details: “Codependent people are people who accept and care about others in the hope of receiving love for their efforts, sacrifices, and willingness to tolerate abuse.

This layered feature of Ziya made me want to play him. The loves that were forced by the burden of the past, every moment we could not live in time, the things we could not say, the things we were afraid of and the things we ran away from can now enter our lives through our children and become our biggest test.”

In the series Veda Mektubu, which is one of the most important TV series projects of Kanal D in 2023, the audience will expect from the heroes they watch what they cannot do in real life.

The person who made this evaluation is Selim Bayraktar and his words are also very meaningful:

“Maybe our audience will expect from the hero they watched that they couldn’t do it themselves. This means a strong bond. I believe that our audience will find a lot of themselves while watching. Maybe it will make him say goodbye or reunite with things he should have said goodbye to long ago. The Veda Mektubu will trigger your intuition and emotions.”