What did you do, Han? Another truth has emerged in the Masumlar Apartmanı!
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30 March 2023 10:51


What did you do, Han? Another truth has emerged in the Masumlar Apartmanı!

Another mystery has been lifted in the popular TV series of TRT1, which came to the screen this week with its 56th episode, Masumlar Apartmanı. It was a matter of curiosity who was the person who solved the series like a nightmare for a few weeks. The identity of the man who saw Han in the dumpster and kidnapped him, tortured him, constantly asking him to remember the past and waiting for an apology, has been revealed!

Masumlar Apartmanı, starring Ezgi Mola, Merve Dizdar and Birkan Sokullu, is among the popular productions on Tuesday evenings. While the series did not lose the first place in the rating in the first season, it fell behind ATV’s Destan series in the second season. In the series, which still has an ossified audience, the consequences of a mistake made by Han, brought to life by Birkan Sokullu, as a child, emerged!

Han made an intense effort to figure out who the man who tortured him and then kidnapped his father was. Based on the clues, he realized that this was the boy named Mazlum, whom he had left a big void in his life.

Han was jealous that Mazo, who stayed at the same boarding school together, got close to his teacher Melek, whom he loved obsessively. In addition, seeing Mazo and his father happily created a heavy picture after Han was neglected by his family.

When Han learned that Mazo was going out with his father for the weekend, he locked him in the bathroom and prevented him from going. Having strained his memory, Han had dragged him into anguish that he would live through with the death of Mazo’s father after this incident.

He had taken away Mazo’s last day, when he would have a good time with his father, with his post-jealous behavior. When Han remembered that day, he was devastated and apologized to Mazo. However, this apology was not very satisfying for Mazlum, who had been in great pain all his life!

The audience is now having a hard time accepting what Han, who was sent to a boarding school by his family, did not show any attention and grew out of love! He is also angry at the actions of Han, who always confronts the audience with a big mistake in his past.

After these developments, it is also a matter of curiosity how he will come to terms with Mazlum, who introduced himself to his father as his deceased son Ömer.

Here are the events that Han remembers from his childhood…

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