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16 May 2022 18:11


What happened to Nalan in the Camdaki Kız series is unbelievable!

The event in the novel of Dr. Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu, which he quotes from a real life story, comes to the screen with the TV series Camdaki Kız (Girl in the Glass). Kanal D’s popular series continues to be appreciated with its second season. The 40th episode of the series aired this week.

The Camdaki Kız series, which was broadcast on Thursday evenings and produced by OGM Pictures, puts a smile on the face of the channel with the ratings it receives. The Camdaki Kız, which continued its success by winning first places in the AB and ABC1 categories with its last episode, came up with a screen-locking episode again.

The Camdaki Kız, which is in a fierce rating race with its rival, Mahkum (Prisoner) series, continues to be the choice of millions with its impressive story. Şerif Erol, who gave life to the character of Adil in the past weeks, said goodbye to the series in which Burcu Biricik and Feyyaz Şerifoğlu took the lead roles.

It is a great tragedy that Nalan fell into a severe depression after the death of her father and the loss of her child, and that only her chauffeur, Hayri, saw what she went through. Nalan, who was forced to have a child again under the pressure of her mother and had to paint a happy marriage picture with her cheating husband Sedat, was stuck within the walls.

The story actually has a Nalan who runs away to Hayri, a married man with children, and agrees to live in the same house with his family. In the course of the series, Nalan’s secretly taking refuge in Hayri’s heart and starting to love him reveals a love that she will desperately cling to.

The audience is now eagerly awaiting these developments. Although Nalan’s mother Feride realized everything, she was shocked by the photo that Cana got. Cana threatened Feride Hanım with the photograph taken on the beach where Hayri held Nalan’s hand. With this gesture of Cana, who finally sent the photo to Sedat, it seems that Nalan will be reduced to the position of a rich woman who is in love with her driver!

Nalan’s transformation from Nalan, who grew up with a deep-rooted family under great pressure and a sense of ‘honour’, experienced traumatic events, seemingly as elegant, delicate, pure and innocent as a princess, into Nalan, who lives in forbidden love, brings the series to an interesting point. .

We will watch it together next week, but a process has begun in which Nalan will try to fill the gaps in her life with Hayri. With this event, which will be remembered as a sensation from the outside, Nalan’s life will go to a very different place…

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