What happens on the set of the Kara Tahta series with the coronavirus alert?
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1 December 2022 12:25


What happens on the set of the Kara Tahta series with the coronavirus alert?

There was a sad news recently from the set of the Kara Tahta (Blackboard) series broadcast on TRT1. After Miray Daner, the leading actress of the series, Furkan Andıç, the other leading actor, also caught the coronavirus and the set was stopped.

Upon this development, the shooting of the series, which was signed by Üs Yapım, was suspended for a while. As it is known, the Kara Tahta series was continued after the final decision taken by the channel.

The Covid-19 test results of Furkan Andıç and Miray Daner, the leading actors of the series, which is planned to continue throughout the summer, were positive one after the other.

The latest development on the Miray Daner front, on the other hand, sprinkled water on the hearts. The actress, who gave information to her fans who were curious about her health status on her Instagram account, said, “She gave the good news that sshe turned negative.”

Miray Daner, who shared a pose with her cat on her social media account, took the photo; Thank you very much for your nice messages and well wishes. I turned negative, I am resting, my condition is fine.”

The fans, who learned that Miray Daner’s health is improving, took a sigh of relief. There is no information about Furkan Andıç’s condition. It remains unclear when the filming of the series will begin.

Although the Kara Tahta series could not meet the expectations due to its low ratings, the duo of Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç got a good harmony on the screen.

In the past months, the final decision about the series was taken, but TRT1 soon gave up on this decision and decided to continue the series. It is not known how long the project, which is expected to continue throughout the summer, will last.

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