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22 May 2022 00:31


What have you done, Sera Kutlubey! What kind of talent is the transition from Cemre to Damla!

Famous actress Sera Kutlubey made her return to the television screen with the TV series named İyilik (Goodness). From the very first episode, the fans realized how successful the famous actress was in the character of Damla. While another story full of intrigues and deceptions met with the audience, all eyes were on Sera Kutlubey.

The actress, who became popular in a short time with the character of Cemre in the Zalim Istanbul (Cruel Istanbul) TV series, attracted attention with the character of Azra in the TV series Hercai. İyilik series, on the other hand, offers an important opportunity for Sera Kutlubey to showcase her talents.

Damla character, who lives in forbidden love and moves towards being the woman who destroys a home, is both charming and brave in the story… Sera Kutlubey does a good job in the character of Damla, who looks like a lustful and extremely sexy woman who tries every method to get a man.

After the first episode, although the fans said that they did not suit the actress well in this role, she shared many comments expressing how successful she was.

Her fans, who share short videos created from Sera Kutlubey’s scenes, state how successful the young actress is, even in short images.

The viewers, who say, “Sera works wonders,” think that the actress has taken on the most difficult role in the series and has proven that she will overcome it in the first episode.

A series of fans drew attention with the following comment: “Sera Kutlubey’s performance is fascinating and it seems to me that there is a hint of Borderline personality disorder. She plays so beautifully that in her scenes, I unwittingly turn up the volume and literally stick to the TV. No one else could have played this role so well.”

Another TV series fan made the following praise, emphasizing how different the characters of Cemre in Zalim İstanbul and Damla in the series İyilik differ from each other:

“Transforming from a character like Cemre to Damla… Sera Kutlubey has created such a different character and image that I think she’s a new actress if I didn’t know she was her. Being able to portray 2 such sharply different characters is not the cost of every actress, I congratulate her greatly.”

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