All Series What is the 1973 Biltmore Hotel Murder? The story, the actors, the trailer and all the details!

What is the 1973 Biltmore Hotel Murder? The story, the actors, the trailer and all the details!


The 1973 Biltmore Hotel Murder, a 6-part documentary-drama series that tells the inside of the event, which was described as the first attack against Turkish diplomats and then turned into a chain of attacks, is a remarkable production.

The 1973 Biltmore Hotel Murder is a very effective series, a documentary-drama that deals with the protests of an Armenian diaspora group against Turkish diplomats in the USA in the mid-1960s to a murder that would eventually cost the lives of two diplomats.

Mehmet Baydar, Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Los Angeles, is an experienced diplomat. His deputy, Bahadır Demir, is assigned to this city as his first place of duty. Los Angeles is also a region where American citizens of Armenian origin live heavily.

Although the majority of Armenians love Turkey and have good relations with the Turks living there, there are also fanatical groups that carry out actions such as demonstrating in front of the consulate and raiding the Republic Ball.

Gürgen Yanıkyan, who has a sick and megalomaniac character, decides to murder Los Angeles Consul General Mehmet Baydar and his assistant Bahadır Demir in order to be a hero against his own society and to get the reputation he thinks he deserves.

After months of planning, Yanikyan contacts the Turkish consulate, pretending to be an Iranian citizen named Gourg Yaniki. He says that he will present a stolen painting and antique money from Sultan Abdülhamit’s palace to Turkey.

As a result of the correspondence, it is decided to accept the works. On January 27, 1973, Mehmet Baydar and Bahadır Demir met with Yanıkyan at the Biltmore Hotel to receive the promised painting and antique money.

Yanikyan brutally martyrs them in his hotel room, as he had planned in advance, and sowed the seed of a series of hatred that would last for years.