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18 August 2022 16:09


What is the dream role of Melis Sezen, who works wonders in Sadakatsiz?

Talented actress Melis Sezen, who had a great breakthrough in her career with the character of Derin in the TV series “Sadakatsiz”, which came to the screen on Kanal D, announced her dream role. Fans ascribed Melis Sezen to this character.

The 25-year-old actress, who stepped onto the sets with the TV series Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır in 2016, got her first lead role in the TV series Leke. She made her biggest break with the TV series “Sadakatsiz”, which achieved a great rating success with its first season.

Melis Sezen, who draws attention with her TV series Sadakatsiz, which she shares with Cansu Dere and Caner Cindoruk, is loved by some viewers while she wins the hate of some viewers with her character Derin in the series. Her successful performance in the series receives great applause.

The young actress recently answered the questions of journalists. “What is your dream role?” Melis Sezen’s answer to the question was Marilyn Monroe. Stating that she would like to portray Marilyn Monroe, one of Hollywood’s unforgettable stars, Melis Sezen said, “It would be ambitious, but I like assertiveness.”

Fans also liked Melis Sezen as Marilyn Monroe. It was noted that the beautiful actress, who is likened to Marilyn Monroe, is a very suitable name for this character.

In the meantime, it was announced that the TV series “Sadakatsiz”, whose ratings dropped significantly in the second season, will make its finale at the end of the season.

Caner Cindoruk, who plays the character of Volkan in the series, recently said, “We have entered the last level, we will finish this season. We only have 10 episodes left. Let’s see, the fast times of the story began.”

If you look at this explanation, the series will end in the 60th episode.

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