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3 July 2022 20:35


What will happen in the final of ‘Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters’?

NazanKesal, DenizBaysal, ÇağlarErtuğrul and AlpNavruz will be in the final part of the 50th episode which will be released on June 9th.

It is a curiosity about how the directory will be finalized … There is a very serious mass which is desiring to continue the index which has a good reputation rating and serious criticism.

Star TV’s decision is final, despite the campaign launched from social media to drive the ‘Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters’ series.

The series will farewell to the audience with the 50th episode.

The final of the series came, but the audience will have to say goodbye to the series before enjoying the true love of Hazan and Yağız. After the last weeks when the character of Sinan turned to the bad guy, the criticism of the fans of the series also increased considerably.

However, despite all the negativity, the audience is saddened to make the final of the series expect the final to be satisfactory. But this is not possible. Because there are some issues that can not be achieved during the 49 episodes, it seems impossible to conclude them with a single episode and to be satisfied with the audience.

Looking at the comments of the spectators, Yağız and Hazan longing are seen.

“Yağız and Hazan were a very nice couple, very well-suited, very well-suited, even if they did not love each other properly. Entrances, a lot of unnecessary detail, little children’s games … The story ends in one way, thank you for the whole team anyway, “an audience is on the site and sending a series of messages with a nice message …

Another viewer is revolting: “Soon after that, is the spectator the last reva? Everything is pending, ambiguous. You get pregnant for two years, before your baby’s week ends. Are you joking? Hallelujah, what did you make Yağız, it was a pity. It was a shame to both the audience and the players and the team who were working. ”

An audience shared the following view:

“Yağız lied by everyone, how to get under it? The series is so well-started and good that it’s the guilty of only screenwriters and producers to make an early final while watching so well. The public no longer accepts immoral relationships. “

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