Series News Alp Navruz prepares for the series

Alp Navruz prepares for the series


Famous actor Alp Navruz is again on screen with his new series Zümrüdüanka. Continuing his career growth with Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters, and then Don’t Give Up My Hand, Alp Navruz found what he was looking for in his new series.

In addition to being very popular, Zümrüdüanka proved that Alp Navruz made successful choices. Alp Navruz, who starred with Ceren Yılmaz, had quarantined himself at his home in Istanbul after the work on the set was over a month ago.

Alp Navruz has posted a message stating that he is doing cardio to protect his form from his Instagram account. Navruz shared an ambitious photo saying “Good morning, I think I made a cardio months later”.

This effort of the player to be in the form was interpreted as a preparation for the Zümrüdüanka series. On the set of the series shot in Ürgüp, it is possible that the work will begin in the coming days.

Because of this possibility, the actors pay great attention to their weight and image in order to prepare them for new scenes.