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5 July 2022 11:46


When Aşk Mantık İntikam took a break, Burcu Özberk took advantage of the holiday!

Famous actress Burcu Özberk appeared on Fox's TV series Childhood, after the popular romantic comedy series Afili Ask. The actress returned to the summer screen when choosing again a romantic comedy …

The actress, who played the character of Esra in Aşk Mantık İntikam, which was broadcast on Fox TV and stood out as the summer's most successful TV series, took a short break due to Eid al-Adha taking a vacation.

Burcu Özberk, who has a very good harmony with İlhan Şen in the series, is also making a name for himself on screen with his acting skills. Özberk, who is one of the most interacting female actors on social media, shared the images on her Instagram account while enjoying the holiday.

The famous actress, who showed that she had fun with her nephew, also received thousands of likes and praise from her fans with her Christmas beauty.

Burcu Özberk returned to the series' set after a short vacation. The series Aşk Logic İntikam managed to become the summer series that achieved the highest ratings with its first 5 episodes.

The 6th new episode of the series will meet with the public on Friday, July 30th. Burcu Özberk will continue to work intensively on set for a long time to come.

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