The Baht Oyunu series made the most of Aslı Sümen's luck!
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26 November 2022 19:52


The Baht Oyunu series made the most of Aslı Sümen’s luck!

The romantic comedy series called Baht Oyunu, broadcast on Kanal D screen, has attracted attention with the increase in interest and increasing its ratings recently. Aslı Sümen is one of the names in the cast of the series starring Cemre Baysel and Aytaç Şaşmaz in the lead roles.

Known for her 2017 Miss Turkey title, Aslı Sümen has once again attracted attention by switching to her dream of acting… Aslı Sümen, who has chosen to take part in an international project as her target, continues to show herself in her first TV series project… Speaking to Milliyet newspaper, the actress shared her excitement .

Aslı Sümen said that she had a nervousness about whether she could do it before her first scene, but this disappeared when she went on the set. The actress said, “I am a person who studies well in my studies. I never go anywhere unprepared. Since I was prepared, I did not have any excitement before entering the stage. And because I’m a dancer, I took advantage of it because I went on stage so many times.”

Aslı Sümen stated that she was interviewed for a different series by a production company, but was invited to the Baht Oyunu after meeting with the director Serdar Gözelekli, and said, “The Baht Oyunu was my luck.”

The actress, who gave life to Tuğçe, one of the main characters, although it is her first series, also stated that this was a great chance for her.

Aslı Sümen said, “When I started the set, I had some concerns with my other friends because they were more experienced. But after that we already got along very well, we had a good friendship. They help me on stage as well. We tip each other,” she said.

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