Shining with Baht Oyunu, Aslı Sümen will experience a drama series this time!
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5 October 2022 15:34


Shining with Baht Oyunu, Aslı Sümen will experience a drama series this time!

Aslı Sümen, who was selected as Miss Turkey in 2017 and registered her beauty, is a graduate of Middle East Technical University, Department of Business Administration. Drawing attention as a dancer and model, Aslı Sümen also stepped into acting with the TV series Baht Oyunu.

Those who watched Aslı Sümen in the character of Tuğçe in the romantic comedy series published in 2021 and attracted great attention both admired her beauty and realized that she had acting talent. Aslı Sümen took advantage of the opportunity given to her and made an effective debut. Acting in a romantic comedy series, the actress will present a different emotion to the audience with a drama project this time.

A new series proposal was made to Aslı Sümen, who also took part in the Bein Connect project, the romantic comedy series Erkek Severse. One of the actresses of the TV series named Masum ve Güzel, which Avşar Film continues to prepare for, has been announced. Bahar Şahin, Mine Tugay; We see Aslı Sümen as the fourth actress whose name has become clear in the TV series Masum ve Güzel, which brings together 3 names like Sude Zülal Güler.

The preparations for the series, in which Erkan Meriç is also in the cast, continue. This new series, which is expected to start shooting soon, was an important opportunity for the young actress to climb the career ladder more strongly.

Producer Şükrü Avşar’s meticulous attention to the project also gives a message about the future of a good story. Aytaç Çiçek’s director’s chair will tell the impressive story of two girls coming out of the orphanage. Another effective drama series is getting ready to meet the audience.

It will soon become clear on which channel the series will start shooting in mid-February.

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