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5 July 2022 12:01


Another misfortune is left behind in the Sadakatsiz series!

In the TV series Sadakatsiz, which was broadcast on Wednesday evenings, the bad luck due to the coronavirus problems was left behind. With Cansu Dere’s catching coronavirus, she experienced disruptions on the set. Last week, while the audience was eagerly waiting to watch the 47th new episode, another problem arose.

It turned out that Berkay Ateş, who acts the character of Aras, also caught the coronavirus, and the new episode of the series was postponed last week. After this delay, the new episode started to be expected with even greater curiosity this week. In the Sadakatsiz series, the bad luck of the coronavirus was left behind and the audience began to wait for the new episode.

After Deniz Karaoğlu and Gizem Ünsal, we will begin to see the traces of how the story will change with the participation of Serhat Parıl in the cast of the Sadakatsiz series. Therefore, the new section gained even more importance.

The first trailer from the 47th episode of the TV series Sadakatsiz, which was announced to be broadcast on Kanal D on Wednesday, February 2 at 20.00, was shared. Volkan punches Aras, who he claims beat his son Ali!

Aras is with his mother with Asya. His mother met Aras for the first time after the accident. He asks Aras if he remembers himself. Aras, on the other hand, looks at the woman with blank eyes. Meanwhile, Volkan comes to the same house. Being very angry, Volkan attacks Aras in front of everyone. He accuses him of raising a hand to Ali.

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