While everyone was worried about the final in Kalp Yarası, a small step was a big morale
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30 September 2022 09:20


While everyone was worried about the final in Kalp Yarası, a small step was a big morale

The course of the ATV series called Kalp Yarası worries the audience. The 24th episode of the series, starring Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin, was broadcast on Monday, 13 December. Although the story of the series continues well, there has been intense criticism in the past weeks.

The fans of the series are pleased with the progress of the characters Ayşe and Ferit towards happiness in the last episodes… Their wishes come true, but the intrigues in the series do not end. And this is essential to increase the flow of the story and the curiosity of the audience… The troublesome situation continues in the ratings in the Heart Wound series.

The series, which started in the summer and achieved very good ratings for a while, is currently able to survive with a little above the average in the category of all people. Very low rates are still coming in AB and ABC1 and this gives a bad picture for the show.

Unable to reach the desired ratings, Kalp Yarası is having a hard time ranking in the top 10. Let’s mention that the series, which can be 10th in all people, finished the day in 12th place in EU and 11th in ABC1.

The 24th episode brought some increase in all categories compared to last week. In other words, some viewers who left the story went back to the screen. This also raised hopes. Because the fans of the series are worried about the finale.

Even minor ratings spikes in Kalp Yarası boost the morale of the audience. Because everyone knows that if there is more loss of viewers, it means the finale.

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