Series News While many actors are afraid, how comfortable Pınar Deniz is with the series Yargı!

While many actors are afraid, how comfortable Pınar Deniz is with the series Yargı!


The story process, full of surprises, continues with scenes that deeply affect the audience every week in the series Yargı (Judgment). In this environment, where screenwriter Sema Ergenekon surprises the audience every week, the actors eagerly await new episodes on the set of the series Yargı.

In a project whose second season continues, the fact that the story continues to be so strong and that the actors do their job with enthusiasm as on the first day stand out as one of the important reasons for the success. Pınar Deniz, who plays the character of Ceylin in the series, stated in her statement that they are shooting the 53rd episode and underlined the importance they give to work as a team.

The famous actress said, “Thank God we have a job that we can both love each other and stand behind and talk proudly. That’s why I’m very happy to be in the Yargı series,” she said.

Stating that it is normal for the script to be stuck for a while in such productions, Pınar Deniz considers it a chance that this situation does not happen in the Yargı project. The actress said, “The Yargı still continues to hold that excitement thanks to Sema Ergenekon. That is why we are very happy.”

Stating that many of her friends who work in television have a fear of weakening the series as a story, Pınar Deniz reminded that no matter how many stories are written due to the long episodes, there can be a jam at some point.

However, explaining that they did not see this situation in the Yargı project, the actress said, “I feel like it didn’t happen at our job, so I’m very happy” and said that her confidence in the project continues.

Confessing that she did not expect such a great success from the Yargı series, the actress said that she was pleased with the success that she expected.