Artists News A message that gives hope from Sinem Kobal to those who are waiting for a new project!

A message that gives hope from Sinem Kobal to those who are waiting for a new project!


Sinem Kobal, who is married to Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, is experiencing a brand new period in her life with the birth of Leyla in 2022, following the birth of her baby named Lalin in 2020. The actress, who influenced a large fan base by taking part in different roles in TV series and movies for many years, took a break from her career after becoming a mother.

The famous actress, who takes care of her children at home, is in a tempo where she has difficulty in making plans even to meet with her friends. However, Sinem Kobal still has a strong desire for the acting profession.

While many TV actors preferred to return to the sets in a short time after giving birth, Sinem Kobal preferred to take care of her children and took a break from her career.

However, the actress missed her profession in this process. Sinem Kobal, who was displayed at the meeting with her friends, said, “I hope the new project will come when the time comes, I missed it too.”

Explaining that Leyla is 8 months old and that she needs her, Sinem Kobal did not hide her longing for her profession.

Kobal said, “I missed it too, we will definitely meet again, but with the right project at the right time.”

Sinem Kobal, who was born in 1987, has stepped into the sets since 2001. The actress, who attracted the attention of the audience at a young age with the character of Dilara in the comedy series Dadı (Nanny), later gained great experience by taking part in very different roles.

The actress, whom we watched in both TV series and movies, was also in the lead role in the unforgettable TV series Selena. Sinem Kobal, who was in the cast of the TV series Yüz Yüze (Face to Face( in 2017, has taken a break from her career for 6 years, but she is in great longing.

If the actress’s statement is the right project, it shows that he will appear in front of her fans again in the future.