Artists News While the Al Sancak series is making its finale, Gözde Türker has another job on her mind!

While the Al Sancak series is making its finale, Gözde Türker has another job on her mind!


Gözde Türker, who was born in Bursa in 1995, has been on the sets for 10 years since 2013. Gözde Türker, who took part in a limited number of projects but made a name for herself with powerful TV series, has become one of the remarkable names of the last period.

Gözde Türker, who took part in the series with the character of Safiye Hatun, which she portrayed in the Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Magnificent Century) series, later gained experience with the series Poyraz Karayel and İstanbullu Gelin. The actress, who gained great popularity with the TV series Kardeşlerim (For My Family), in which she portrayed her wonderful character, played the character of Aslı in the soldier TV series Al Sancak last season.

The fans were very upset when they learned that the Al Sancak series project, which lasted 19 episodes and was announced to continue in the second season, was canceled and made its finale in the summer. Gözde Türker also said that the set of her latest TV series project was very enjoyable.

The actress gave the following information about the Al Sancak series: “The set was very enjoyable. Male casting is a more intense business. We, as women, are less in number. That’s why it was an enjoyable project for men. People loved the project as a whole. So it was good, we are happy.”

Before the shooting of the series, the entire team received training on fighting and using weapons for about 2 months. Gözde Türker also learned a lot from these trainings.

The actress said, “We received all kinds of training in weapons and fighting for two months.” Focusing on new projects after the end of the Al Sancak series, the actress mentioned that she received offers.

Gözde Türker said, “Good projects have arrived. I’m in the reading phase now. I want to do a reverse corner again. Apart from similar projects, it would be a very good scenario. Every character needs to be evaluated. Let’s see which one will coincide with this season” and stated that she has not made an agreement for a new project yet.