Series News While the script showed signs of improvement in the TV series Adım Farah, everyone’s mind remained stuck on the same point.

While the script showed signs of improvement in the TV series Adım Farah, everyone’s mind remained stuck on the same point.


The TV series Adım Farah (Farah), starring Engin Akyürek and Demet Özdemir, was neither very good nor bad in terms of both story and ratings in the first season. The decision to continue the series in the second season was also correct.

Both the high interest of the series fans in the lead duo and the possibility that the story could be much stronger in the second season caused excitement for the Adım Farah series. However, the second season scenario was full of negativities that no one expected.

Giving too much emphasis to the character of Behnam, played by Feyyaz Duman, disturbed the audience who expected a strong story from the Farah and Tahir duo. We should point out that the first 4 episodes of the second season disturbed the viewers in this sense and were remembered with negativities, let alone giving the expected positive effect.

As a result of this process, there was a change in the scenario group starting from the 19th episode, and the loyalty of the audience was damaged when the series was moved to Saturdays.

With the high interest abroad and the great interaction towards the series on social media, Adım Farah series has gained a wind that will continue until at least 26 episodes.

However, many fans of the series began to talk about the success of screenwriter Toprak Karaoğlu, who started writing the series from the 19th episode, and began to say, “I wish it had come at the beginning of the second season.”

Many viewers on social media perceive episodes 19 and 20 as a sign of improvement in the story. There are 6 episodes left of the series and it is expected to be taken off the air if Fox TV does not make a new decision.

However, according to many viewers, the story started to become interesting with the new screenwriter. In fact, the positive increase in the ratings in the 20th episode of the series, which was broadcast on November 11, is attributed to this improvement in the scenario.

For the TV series Adım Farah, many viewers believe that if the beginning of the second season had been reflected from the perspective of the new screenwriter, much more successful results would have been achieved.

Of course, that process has now passed and the chances of Adım Farah series making a big splash seem very slim.

Fans of the series hope that at least the two successful leading actors will reunite in another project.

Responding to a fan’s post on social media, Demet Özdemir’s post, which appeared to be trying to persuade her partner Engin Akyürek to take part in the romantic comedy project, increased the excitement considerably. Is the actress really making such an effort or was she joking? At least viewers hope it’s not a joke.

The trailer for the 21st new episode of the series, which will be released on Saturday, seems to have increased the excitement of the audience considerably.