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5 July 2022 20:07


Who believes he is from Maraşlı? It was as if Burak Deniz became a completely different person in Italy!

The famous actor Burak Deniz changed his image so radically after the final shooting of the Maraşlı TV series that his fans were stunned. The Maraşlı book, whose 26th and final episode will be published on Tuesday, July 13, has already been closed for the famous actor. Fans who commented, “Who would believe that he is from Maraşlı,” left many comments on the famous actor’s posts from Italy on social media.

The actor, who went to Rome the previous day for the shooting of the series Cahil Periler, was warmly welcomed. Returning to his old days with his new image and completely stripped of his Maraşlı image, the actor started the new period in his career excitedly.

Famous director Ferzan Özpetek, who came to the agenda again with the series “Cahil Periler”, welcomed Burak Deniz very warmly. Posting the poses of the Turkish actor on his Instagram account, Özpetek carried the words of the famous poet Nazım Hikmet, both in Italian and Turkish, to his page.

Burak Deniz, who was greeted with great warmth by Ferzan Özpetek, is also very pleased with himself. The actor, who will have 4 episodes in the Cahil Periler series, aims to be more on the world agenda with this production, which will be broadcast on Disney Plus.

The actor, who has already started to increase his fan base in Italy, received commendable comments from his fans with his new image.

Here is Ferzan Özpetek’s “welcome” post with photos from his meeting with Burak Deniz:

like a severed arm
the emptiness was on our shoulders…
The separation took a long time.
We miss.
We observed…
We are as you left it.
We have become adept at breaking a little more stone,
separating friend from foe…
Your place is ready.
A lot to listen and say.
But we dont have time to talk a lot.
LET’S WALK…..#nazimhikmet

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