Who is Alara Bozbey? Where is she from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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4 December 2022 12:54


Who is Alara Bozbey? Where is she from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Alara Bozbey was born on February 20, 1986 in Lithuania. Turkish TV actress.

Name: Alara Bozbey
Date of Birth: February 20, 1986
Place of Birth: Lithuania
Height: 1.74 m.
Weight: 54 kilos
Sign: Pisces
Eye color: Brown
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alarabozbey/
Pets: She has a dog.

Family: Born in Lithuania, after living in Lithuania for a while, she came to Turkey after her mother got married. She took Turkish citizenship and changed her name from Aliona to Alara “My mother is Ukrainian, my father is Lithuanian. I grew up in Lithuania. My parents separated when I was five years old. I stayed with my mother but continued to see my father. Growing up without a father has matured me. I took responsibility at an early age, my feet started to feel more firmly on the ground. My real name was Alona. After I came to Turkey, I chose Alara because no one could pronounce my name properly.”

Childhood years: She was only 16 years old when she came to Turkey. She learned Turkish at that age. “I was young, something was not settled yet. That’s why I thought it wouldn’t be difficult, and it was. The wide variety of culture in Turkey and the friendliness of the people allowed me to adapt without difficulty. I have never felt excluded. I decided to speak Turkish perfectly after realizing that my mother spoke imperfectly and seeing people laugh from time to time after she said something. I started watching the news by saying that the most beautiful language is spoken in the main news bulletin. First I deciphered the alphabet, then I started to speak like this, starting from the correct Turkish of the speakers and imitating them.”

Education life: She studied acting at TÜRVAK (Türker İnanoğlu Foundation).

The turning point of her life: Being on stage was her childhood dream, but she did not dare to go to school because she did not know Turkish well. “I took the university entrance exam and started studying at open education faculty and entered TÜRVAK (Türker İnanoğlu Foundation). I started working with Zeki Alasya. At that time, she received an offer from the TV series “Yabancı Damat”. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it, and I suddenly found myself on a test shoot, and then the sequel came.”

The first step into acting: She started her television adventure in 2004 with the character of “Natalia”, which she portrayed in the TV series “Yabancı Damat”.

What project did she shine with? She attracted attention with the character of “Demet”, which she portrayed in the TV series “Dolunay”.

Personality traits: She defines herself as someone who is fun, enjoyable, loves to be happy, disciplined and respectful to her work. “Of course, I have to say that I also have my own principles. The most important of these principles is the point of determination. I don’t stop until I definitely do something I aim for. The most basic example of this is my acting career. I’ve always been a dreamer. If you really want something and see it in yourself, it is enough to trust yourself. I can’t open right now. I’m a little restrained. As I get to know the other person and according to where I am, I feel comfortable. My maternal side is very dominant. I have a compassionate personality. My hardest part is my reticence. I don’t react instantly to events. This can make people around me nervous from time to time.”

Her view of love: “First of all, falling in love is a feeling that an individual cannot resist. It is also meaningless to make any effort to experience this feeling or to search for it. Love is a feeling that comes into being all of a sudden and is all around. Let’s come to the part of what we need to understand when we say the price about love: A person can make concessions from time to time, make sacrifices, rasp himself, of course, in order to protect his love, hold on to it and live it. If that’s the point of paying the price we’re talking about, yes the price can be paid for love. Of course, I would also like to point out that; Being deceived (betrayal), being exposed to physical violence, being subject to psychological pressure, being subject to emotional violence and similar actions should definitely not be seen as paying a price, should not be paid and should not be paid. First of all, women should be respected and women should be treated with the behavior they deserve. To sum it up, I can say this: If old wounds have turned into strenuous scars, you are maturing in love.”

Her outlook on life: She is not very interested in the magazine side of her profession. “Things that will create tabloids and polemics are against me. Even if I’m a little harsh on my dog, I apologize to him for minutes. That’s why I don’t use pretentious sentences to get attention. The important thing is not to suddenly shine. I want to be on the screen all the time and slowly go up.”

Perspective on business life: She wants to take firm steps in the sector and be permanent. “After moving to Turkey in 2005, I decided to do the acting profession, which I had dreamed of since my childhood, here and started my education. Being ambitious and determined is like an inseparable whole as well as being determined. In 2006, I entered the sector with the TV series “Yabancı Damat”, and I am becoming more and more happy as I exhibit this determined behavior day by day. There is a point about acting that I always defend and stand behind: The actress takes on whatever character she needs to play as per the scenario, that is, she does not choose a role. Whether I say it by chance or the appreciation of the casting directors, I have always had vamp female roles and I reflect it to the audience with great happiness.”

Career plan: “I would like to be remembered as successful, reliable, disciplined about my job, and also as respectful and respected in the sector. I try my best to deserve them.”

Concerns: She finds it worrying that people have been intolerant and impatient lately. “We can flash things fast, insult and break hearts. We live too fast. The agenda is changing rapidly. We are constantly informed about who is doing what on social media. When we see someone else where we want to be, we can become hateful to them. But a little more love is needed.”

Which movie was she influenced by: The movie ‘Léon’ is a movie that she never gets tired of watching and is influenced in the same way every time.

Unknown feature: She can’t touch a peach, but if someone peels it, she can eat it. She does not like milk, she is even bothered by its appearance.


2017- Dolunay/ Demet

2015- Gamsız Hayat/ Aslı

2010/2011- Karadağlar/ Zuhal

2008- Prenses Perfinya/ Perfinya

2008- Hepsi Bir

2007- Arka Sokaklar / Julia

2004/2007- Yabancı Damat/ Natalia

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