Who is Berat Yenilmez? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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Who is Berat Yenilmez? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Berat Yenilmez was born on October 5, 1970 in Adapazarı. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Berat Yenilmez
Date of Birth: October 5, 1970
Birthplace: Adapazari
Height: 1.84 m.
Weight: 95 kilos
Sign: Libra
Eyes: Blue
Mother: Gülnur Yenilmez
Father: İbrahim Yenilmez
Wife: Seda Yenilmez
Siblings: Mustafa Yenilmez
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beratyenilmez/

Family: Originally from Trabzon Maçkalı, from his father’s side, he has an older brother. He married the banker Seda Yenilmez in 2012. “He was born and raised in Adapazarı. I had a good childhood. God has blessed me with a beautiful parent and a beautiful family. I count myself very lucky. My parents are my parents but they always treated me like a friend. I had a happy childhood. Poets means my youth.”

Childhood years: When he was little, he used to imitate family members and make them laugh, it was the fun of the house. “We are a generation that enjoys our childhood to the fullest. Neighborhood relations were very good. We used to take the electricity pipes in the neighborhood and fight tuff tuff. We used to play football with our neighborhood team and play games with the so-called gangs we formed. We used to play countless games with the soda cap bee. I would call the people living in the three streets in the neighborhood directly. We used to keep all the numbers in mind. Thanks to technology, we no longer memorize numbers. Neighborhood relations are not so good nowadays. When I was little, I used to make small imitations at home, I was the entertainment of the house, but abroad, while I was studying computer engineering in Kiev, Ukraine, my roommate’s older brother was a graduate of Dokuz Eylül University, he first said that I have a talent for acting. Then it got stuck in my head, after a while it took me prisoner, and I was already unhappy. I returned to Turkey with a very radical decision and started my education. Müjdat Gezen Art Center means to me the beautiful school, invaluable teachers and friends to which I owe everything.”

Education: Graduated from Charles Sturt University Theater Department in Australia. He also studied acting at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center.

The turning point of his life: He has been on the screen since 1993. His decision to leave school and return to Turkey while studying engineering abroad changed the course of his life. “My acting adventure started when I left school abroad and came back to the country. When I arrived, there was the Müjdat Gezen Art Center, which took students with a special talent exam because the university exams had passed, so I tried my luck there and the foundations of my profession, where I had earned my life for a long time, were laid. During my high school years in Sakarya, I was working with my friends to establish a theater group and play games, of course, on a rather amateur basis. But we couldn’t bring it to life when we were talking about school and university studies. I have succeeded in this love that was in me at that time, thanks to the Müjdat Gezen Art Center years later. The turning point of my career is; It’s the “Seksenler” series. The role of Eighties and Birol Güven in changing the course of my life is undeniable. Theater is where I graduated from. I have studied it both here and abroad. If I had not been in the cast of the series Eighties, I would probably have continued my career with theater. I was suddenly recognized all over the country as people liked and accepted the character of Sami Bey. As such, you can establish good relationships and friendships.”

The first step into acting: He started his television adventure in 1993 with the TV series “Süper Baba”.

Which project did it shine with? He attracted attention with the character of “Pastacı Sami”, which he played in the TV series “Seksenler”.

Personality traits: He has an extrovert nature, he likes to make friends and act as he is. “It makes me happy that everyone is having fun, laughing and cheerful in the environment we are in, and I would like to contribute with all my energy for this. I also love to laugh and have fun. I’m a normal, ordinary, straight person.

Social: Evcimen enjoys spending time at home. “I love family life, I enjoy making plans with my wife and putting them into practice. I like to travel together and drive long distances. I enjoy cooking and I love reading books.”

Mindset: “I try to be as useful as I can, I try to be as faithful as I can to the people who make me who I am, my family, my traditions, my teachings.

Source of happiness: He is happy to have lost weight and to put healthy living at the center of his life. “On one of my trips to Barcelona, ​​I saw that I weighed 125 kilograms. Before that, while I was traveling with my wife Seda, we saw a couple sitting in one place. When we looked from the back, we saw that the couple, who we thought was between the ages of 25-30, was quite advanced when they returned. I said to Seda, “If I get to this age, I want to look like this”. I said I didn’t want to be seen as my 125-pound self. After traveling, I removed everything unnecessary from my life; dessert, carbohydrates, meals eaten after 7 pm, unnecessary snacks, junk food, chips. We get up early in the morning and have a regular breakfast, a regular lunch, sports, tennis, walking have entered our lives. After 7 pm, food is no longer in our lives. I lost about 25 kilos in a period of 9 months. My wife Seda also lost about 10 kilos. We now accept it as a way of life. I don’t think, ‘I lost 25 kilos, okay, my task is over’. With the way we eat, with sports, this will continue as long as we live. I have become a more confident man now. The way he stood on me while wearing my clothes motivated me more; I can say it made me happier. I wake up more energetic in the morning and I don’t snore. Because he was also snoring weight. According to my wife, I don’t have that snoring anymore. I eat less and get up healthier. No heaviness or bloating. My intestinal system started to work more regularly. Most importantly, I’m happy to look better in the mirror visually or to be able to wear the clothes I miss outside.”

First feature film: Yavuz Turgul/ Kalp Yarası

His outlook on life: “One day I took the subway. A lady recognized me and smiled. Popular time of the Seksenler. “Aren’t you the pastry maker Sami?” she asked. I said ‘yes I am’. She said, ‘Why do you take the subway, you have money, you can drive with luxury cars’. I said, ‘Sister, if I were to drive a luxury car from there, you would insult me ​​because you found the money. We get on the subway, you get angry. We get down there, it doesn’t work, we get on here, it doesn’t work. Tell me, how are we going to benefit you?’ I replied. As a nation, we hold ourselves dearly when we love. When we don’t like it, we immediately put it to the ground. It’s a role I acted. No need to enlarge. This is my job, my profession. Something for which I earn my living. I could be doing something else in life.”

Perspective on business life: The essential criteria of a good actor are; He thinks that he is disciplined and constantly renewing himself. “As in every sector, new techniques, working methods and plays are being written every day in acting, both at home and abroad, you should follow them as much as possible. The player must be constantly open to his senses, be observant, pay attention to his health, sleep, eat and drink. There were times when I gave up on my profession and wanted to withdraw from time to time. Everyone has had such times. During a time when I was unemployed for a long time, I think I said that I will not get a job from now on, and I looked for other professions. I am sure that after these difficult times (pandemic), we will watch a lot of creative plays and performances both on the screens and on the stage. Art always finds a place for itself, no matter what the conditions are, it adapts easily to the situation it is in.”

Career plan: He has no plans to go behind the camera. He always wants to appear before the audience with different roles. “I am very happy to be in front of the camera. Behind the camera is another world. Naturally, everyone has a character they want to be in their dreams. As an actor, I always modeled being a character actor in my life. The important thing for me is to be a character actor. I would like to play any character that will contribute to my life and personality that I believe will improve myself.”

Their Concerns: “I think that future generations will live in a different future with the perception of another world, but if we think that we will live on the same world for a while, even if we are not very successful, they should value the world they live in more, behave more responsibly towards nature, not defeat it, but with it. I hope they try to figure out how we can live together, love people, animals, plants, prefer a life focused on keeping people alive, protecting, loving, understanding, understanding, not destroying. Of course, by keeping the art alive.”

What does he do at home? He likes to cook when he is at home, he cooks well. “Because I was a student, I left home at a young age. When you’re single, you inevitably have to do it. So there is curiosity. When I was a teenager, I used to go to my mother in the kitchen. I would try to get involved in whatever he was doing. My mother would immediately say, ‘My mother-in-law is here again’. Since my wife also works, I cook when I have time. And with great pleasure. A hobby that relaxes me.”


2020- Ev Yapımı

2012/2020- Seksenler / Pastacı Sami

2018/2019- Erkenci Kuş / Nihat

2017- Sevda’nın Bahçesi / Eray

2009- Kurban/ Doğan

2005- Yürek Yarası/ Tolga

2003- Gurbet Kadını/ Üsteğmen Ali

2002- Biz Size Aşık Olduk/ Berke

2009- Çılgın Kanal / Ersin

2009- Ramazan Güzeldir

2007- Hayat Kavgam

2002- Sırlar Dünyası / Komiser

1998/2001- Ruhsar / Selçuk

1997- Böyle mi Olacaktı

1995- Ak Saçlı Delikanlılar

1993- Süper Baba


2019- Kırk Yalan / Başkan

2017- Sen Kiminle Dans Ediyorsun? / Dr. Şenol

2017- Dede Korkut Hikayeleri: Bamsi Beyrek/ Bican Bey (TV Movie)

2015- Kara Bela / Zabıta Amiri

2015- Bana Masal Anlatma / Yaşar

2012- Sus/ Güray

2008- Kurbanlık / Ferdi

2007- Kurtlar Vadisi Terör/ Komutan

2009- Kurban

2006- Yanılgılar / Şair

2004- Gönül Yarası / Tolga


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