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Who is Binnur Kaya? Height – Age – Series – Family

Binnur Kaya was born on April 19, 1972 in Ankara. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Binnur Kaya
Date of Birth: April 19, 1972
Place of Birth: Ankara
Height: 1.63 m.
Weight: 57 kg
Horoscope: Aries
Eye color brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Mother: Rahime Kaya
Father: Mustafa Kaya
Siblings: She has an older sister.
Pets: She has cats.

Family: Born and raised in Ankara, originally from Adana. Her father is a retired journalist, her mother is a housewife. She has an older sister. “My sister is a METU Economics graduate, she was working at the Treasury. She also retired. I also have a niece. We had animals, from the family. They were also part of the family. My mother always said. ‘Daughter, study theater, but also enter open education. Have a profession, a paid job, have insurance. ”My decision to become an actor was met with alarming for the family from the very beginning. Naturally, they thought “how will he set up his order, how will he start life, what will he do when he finishes it?” But now they are very happy. Living with theater was difficult then. I was studying at Bilkent on full scholarship and therefore I had to get good grades constantly. Otherwise, your scholarship was cut.

Her childhood years: She spent her childhood in Ankara, for this reason, Ankara is a special place for her, where she had tears in her eyes when she went and had a hard time returning. “Because I had a great childhood. My childhood friends, family, memories. Returning from Ankara, Istanbul is always difficult. Passing emotional. I had a peaceful childhood. The first thing my father told me as a child was ‘No lying and no offense’. We grew up without lies. That’s why it was very precious. It was the years when we were happy, peaceful and playing games on the street. It was the time when we bought green chickpeas from the street. My childhood passed in the early 80’s. I grew up in neighborhood culture. As a kid, I wanted to be a doorman. Now they called the apartment attendant, but then we called the doorman. They had straw baskets, they were distributing bread and milk, and they were giving newspapers. They were wiping the apartment with Arab soap. Everywhere smelled sweet. They were watering the garden. They were pruning trees. That’s what the doorman meant to me. The doorman was a person who had a good relationship with everyone. They also know a lot of people. I used to cry to my mothers, “Why are we not doormen?” Then I wanted to be a shepherd because I love lambs and sheep very much. It sounded very nice because they sat at the foot of a tree and played the pipe. I also wanted to be an opera because I love music. So I wanted to be everything but an actor. ”

Educational life: She graduated from Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Department of Theater.

The turning point of her life: “We had a neighbor named Gülay, who lived in the opposite apartment. Aunt Gülay said to me one day, ‘Let Binnur be an actress’. Because I was always doing imitations, I was making them laugh. I took the amateur theater exams held by the Metropol Cinema in Ankara. I know neither Shakespeare nor anything else. I did something improvised and was accepted. That’s how I started acting. I loved being on stage. ”

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the series Kaynanalar.

With which project did she shine? She drew attention with the character of “Nazire Demir” in the “The Foreign Groom” series.

Personality traits: Sincere, natural, emotional, honest, stubborn.

Most disliked trait? To be stubborn. “I’m trying to file it down, I think I can’t have a flexible point of view because of my stubbornness.”

Mindset: She still hasn’t gotten used to watching herself on TV. “It’s a very strange feeling. I don’t mind. I see it and then I forget. I watch all my work. I look at how I played. How is the light, how is the director, how the script progressed. I watch to see the whole work. But it’s still a feeling I’m not used to. In my early years, I thought it would appear on TV, then it was over. People had the “I know them, but from where?” Situation. I could not say “I am an actor, you know from TV”. I never thought I’d be known. ”

First motion picture: Tunç Başaran / Kaçıklık Diploması

The view of love: “Love is in everything, it’s about how you look at life”.

Her attitude to business life: She thinks that sorrow and sadness feed humor and that all this sadness and pain can only be tolerated with humor. “It’s like making the pain honey. The humor that I love comes from there. Chaplin also has this in Buster Keaton. We see this pathetic humor in the films of Kemal Sunal and Şener Şen. ‘Being a woman in Turkey comedian had’ called, but I do not have such a perception, and I do not understand this definition. As hard as it is for the man, the same for the woman. It is very difficult to make comedy and make laugh for someone whose profession is acting. I think discipline is the best thing the school teaches, it’s essential. There is discipline there, there are things you have to do, there are rules and there are lots of trainers. It is very important as they all convey their own experiences. You are not learning from a single source. There were a lot of good things going on from them as there were a lot of instructors at the university. We were also very lucky in Bilkent. Teachers would come from Poland, America, Azerbaijan. We would learn other cultures from them, we would learn things about their education systems. We also had teachers like Cüneyt Gökçer. These are great people. You can learn a lot from sitting, standing, attitude in class, telling a memory, if you have intention. ”

Career plan: Her long-time dream as an actress is to play in a good television series. “Because the reading rate is low; Television is the most important mass media in the country. Mothers who are raising children get up in the morning, turn on the TV, watch that TV until the evening. Most of it takes what you give. My dream is to play in a job that includes love, respect, unity, togetherness, sharing, family, neighborhood and hope. ”

Concerns: Her perspective on women and the violence against women cause her to ask the question “What is the country’s ability to buy or not with women?” “Violence against women does not end. We, women, have always been taught to be altruistic. To say ‘I’ was a shame, it was selfish. We have always lived for others. First there was someone else. Someone from this family will have a husband, a child. He becomes your neighbor, he becomes a relative. Not important. Always someone else first, then maybe you, if it’s the turn. We have always learned to give. We learned not to say ‘no’. The woman is also so devoted. The woman is always forgiving, the woman is always embracing, watching, always giving. Therefore, after a while, it is stepped on. Did you kill the woman, torture the woman, marry the little children, who also have mentalities that call them women? You are not getting the necessary punishment. You also get the good mood discount if you wear a tie. Unfortunately, there is such a justice. ”

Who does she admire? She admires Şener Şen and Haluk Bilginer. Şener Şen is a gift given to us. He’s a great person. You are looking for flaws, you cannot find them. He’s a great actress. A master who engraved his name in a country. He is both loved and respected. It is always in public. Travels, wanders, walks. We also shot a commercial together. There was in Olgun (Şimşek). Her memories, experiences, attitude while playing something are all extraordinary. Something priceless. I can say the same about Haluk Bilginer. ‘We played together in Saints. He’s an outstanding player. Haluk Bilginer on the set, Haluk Bilginer during the shooting, Haluk Bilginer with whom we eat and drink tea. He’s a great person. Thousands thank goodness for working with them. Of course I am very lucky. ”

Relationship with nature: She loves and cares about nature and all kinds of animals. She thinks that human beings have a lot to learn from animals in order to be human, to learn humanity. “I am saying this clearly. I describe life that you do not share with an animal, do not meet with an animal, do not talk to it as incomplete. I love all kinds of animals. Not just the cat, not the dog. I love the lizard too. I’m trying not to kill the cockroaches. I take it and put it somewhere else. For example, we have a gull that cannot fly in our garden. Her name is Deniz. He cannot fly and takes refuge in cats to protect himself from other gulls. They all live together. The hedgehog family comes out in the evening. They are waiting for their food. Because they have hours. When he doesn’t, they come to the door. For example, this is a great relationship. They know everything. Nature also knows everything. Only man thinks he knows everything, very little. ”


1996-Kaynanalar / Rukiye

1997-Babaevi / Meryem

1998-Dış Kapının Mandalları

1998 -Tele Dadı (Tele Nanny)

2000/2002- Bir Demet Tiyatro / Berna -Manyak – Pala Şamuran

2000 -Güneş Yanıkları (Sun Burns) / Aylin

2001 – Benimle Evlenir misin? (Will You Marry Me?) / Gaye Şenoğlu

2001 – Yeni Hayat (New Life) / Gülistan

2003 – Hadi Uç Bakalım / Düriye

2003 – 7 Numara (Number 7) / Hürrem

2003 – Bekarlar (Singles) / Binnur

2004/2007 – Foreign Groom / Nazire Demir

2008-Day Dreamers / Binnur (Guest Actor)

2007 / 2008- Karayılan (Black Snake) / Emine from Antep

2007/2009 – Avrupa Yakası (European Side) / Şahika Koçarslanlı / Dilber Hala

2010- Türk Malı (Made in Turkey) / Abiye Kuzu

2011 – Magnificent Century / Duacı Hatun (Guest Actor)

2013 / 2015- Between Us / Hüsne Celepoğlu

2015 – Analar ve Anneler (Mothers) / Neriman Nurse

2017 – Bu Sayılmaz (It Doesn’t Count) / Little Semiha

2019 – Zengin ve Yoksul (Rich and Poor) / Berrin Taştan

2020 – Red Room / Mrs. Doctor

2020 – My Home My Destiny / Mrs. Doctor (Guest Actor)

2021 – Arti


1998 – Kaçıklık Diploması

2000 -Abuzer Kadayıf / The singer

2000 – Muhallebicinin Oğlu / Lale (TV Film)

2003 – İnşaat / Ayşe

2005 – Babam ve Oğlum / Hanife

2006 – Hayatımın Kadınısın / Firdevs

2006- Küçük Kıyamet /Filiz

2009- Vavien/ Sevilay

2009- Kampüste Çıplak Ayaklar/ Esin Hanım

2011- Türkan / Nurse Kumru

2013 -Mutlu Aile Defteri / Asuman

2013- Düğün Dernek

2013- Şarkı Söyleyen Kadınlar/ Esma

2017 – Sen Kiminle Dans Ediyorsun? / Şengül

2018 – Bizi Hatırla / Fatoş

2019 – Cinayet Süsü / Asuman

2020 – Azizler


1999- Kadınlar Koğuşu

1999- Bir Yaz Dönümü Gecesi Rüyası

1999 -Sen Hiç Ateşböceği Gördün mü?

2003- Bana Bir Şeyhler Oluyor

2016 -Kozalar

2018-Damdaki Kemancı

2019- Vahşet Tanrısı


2014- 41st Magnum Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Female Comedy Player / Between Us

2009- 42nd SİYAD Awards / Cahide Sonku Best Actress Performance / Vavien

2009- 3rd Yeşilçam Awards / Best Actress Award / Vavien

2008- 8th Cinema Here Festival Young Actor Award

2009-Radio Television Journalists Association / Media Oscars Actress of the Year Award

2008- 35th Butterfly Awards / Best Comedy Actress Award

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