Who is Bora Cengiz? Height - Age - Series - Family
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4 February 2023 09:31


Who is Bora Cengiz? Height – Age – Series – Family

Name: Bora Cengiz
Date of Birth: December 9, 1990
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.82 m.
Weight: 71 kg
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Eye Color: Black
Mother: Özlem İşbilir
Father: Tayfun Cengiz
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/booracengiz/
Pets: His dog Dino.

Family: Born and raised in Istanbul, His father is a pilot.

Childhood years: The acting adventure began by accident when he was a child. “In middle school, when I was never in my mind, this idea entered my mind when my literature teacher asked me to sign a blank sheet of paper and without asking me, but took me to the theater club. Fortunately, it was the only fait accompli that I said I was exposed. Thanks to this, a teacher with high vision and vision has been a stylish touch to my life. I studied theater again in high school. I say I can no longer do another job. ”

Education life: He graduated from Kadir Has University Acting Department.

First step into acting: He started his television adventure in 2008 with the character ‘Tolga’, which he played in the Peri Masalı (Fairy Tale) series.

With which project did he shine? He drew attention with the character “Gani”, which he portrayed in the “Butterflies” series.

Personality traits: Natural, sympathetic, animal lover, nature lover. “I have no eye for glory. It’s true that I love dogs more than humans. Frankly, I don’t have a very surprising side. Like all my acting colleagues, I am an ordinary citizen off the set. I like to make music. This should not come as a surprise, as I have an album. ”

Social: Apart from acting, his biggest passion is music. “I make music; I have a few compositions, I play drums and guitars, take photos or short films, if I have a gap of 2-3 days, I flee to Foça to listen.

Mindset: He thinks that it is a theoretical training and a very difficult journey that must be taken by those who want to be actors. “When you think about the whole journey and its difficulties, acting is not something that will happen when you think about it. Young actor candidates must first fill their diapers in order to become an actor. When entering this job, one should not start with ignorant courage. Popularity can make someone an actor, but not an artist. People may think that we actors always enjoy our TV series and movies, but the long working hours behind the scenes do not come to the fore. ”

What kind of person is he on set? He enjoys learning new things in every new project. “The actor working with the same director is sort of like staying out of the safe zone for him. The actor is more relaxed and stress-free when he starts a new project with the director he knows and has worked on at least one project before. The actor knows that the director will give him directions, where he will warn him about his role, and where he will put himself in the background. On the contrary, working with a new director is like starting a new relationship. The actor also carries excitement by looking at his work with that eye. We can call it a new love. In this case, many factors come into play, such as the director discovering your strengths and your learning from him. From this point of view, working with a new director makes a substantial contribution to the actor’s career. ”

Source of happiness: In love with dogs. Living with his dog Dino is one of the biggest sources of happiness. “Living with Dino is like living with an expert therapist. His presence is very good for me. I strok his head, look at my eyes, get rid of all my troubles at that moment. His feelings are so strong that sometimes we can communicate without speaking, and this communication is not a communication I can establish with everyone. Either he is an animal very close to humanity or I am a person too close to a dog, I don’t know yet. ”

First motion picture: Zeki Demirkubuz / Kıskanmak

The person he admires: There is no one he calls my idol. But he’s a Jim Carrey fan since he was a kid. “I think he’s a great master who has reached the maximum comfort level an actor can achieve. Some of them are born for this job, and he is one of them. ”

His view of life: He prefers to let life flow, he prefers to live without getting stuck in the subject of fame. “One should not say that he is alive, he should not be caught up in these passing and fame situations and should always expand his vision. As a matter of fact, these are the issues that you can adapt to any profession if you remove the fame and reputation part. Mankind is a creature suitable for pampering, the biggest problem in our industry is ‘to be’ quickly. I do not have a life philosophy that I can explain in such succinct words. I let it go with the flow, I swear. Let’s say as much as it goes, the fate it does not go. ”

His view of business life: The side of acting that fascinates him; An immense area of ​​freedom. “Creating a character from scratch, acting differently in every role, being able to play (observe) the doctor one day and the madman one day and make money by doing all these things. I understand better that I cannot be this happy by doing another job. If I make a priority in my life, acting will undoubtedly be in the first place. I have nothing else to do. This is what I think I know best. That’s why I try to make my investment in myself, I take care not to miss my sports, I read a lot and I try to watch good works and go to good games. ”

Career plan: He wants to take on different characters instead of the same characters. If you ask, “Have you not been tired of playing pintail jön who have been involved in the story for years after a point and stole the beloved of the leading role?” I would reply, “I’m bored.” Now I want to look different, I think that I am someone who has a much wider range than this but has not been evaluated sufficiently from this point of view, let them ask me for the first thing that comes to mind, I am ready to take responsibility. In the future, I also want to make foreign productions, expand my vision, play in another language. I dream of days when my problem will only be acting. Before I dream about acting, I dream of the days when I will do my job in more comfortable conditions. I want to engage in art and just be intertwined with art.

Future Dream: “If the name is dream; So to answer by forcing the boundaries; First of all, I want to buy PPL (Privet Pilot License) and fly. Then I want to buy a small plane with a single engine and live somewhere far from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, if possible, in a forest, with my dogs, play guitar and hang out. ”

What would happen if there was no actor? If he hadn’t been an actor, he would have wanted to be a pilot. “As I have mentioned many times, my father was a captain pilot and his dream of being a pilot was quite enjoyable as a child. But once I got into the stage and couldn’t find the discipline to be a pilot, I decided to go to the fine arts high school and study theater at an early age. ”

How is it with social media? He actively uses social media. “I guess I can say that I am active in social media. I mean, I am not one of those players who say, “I am going to get a spoon from the kitchen to mix my tea, my dears”, but I look at Twitter and Instagram 1-2 times a day at least. Zavazingo called Facebook has never been in my life, frankly I don’t like it. I try to follow the comments received, I like to share videos on Instagram, I think Instagram is one of the best sources to get to know me because I am there in my most natural state. In the meantime, I condemn my followers and get angry with my followers who say to shoot a video on Twitter like that-with-this-like that, please don’t let them tweet as if they were ordering a wrap. ”

Relationship with nature: The nature lover throws himself into nature whenever he has the opportunity. He wants to live in the forest with his dogs, away from the chaos of Istanbul and, if possible, people. “At a young age, it may sound funny to make a bohemian actress statement that draws the image of bored with everything in this way, maybe it is funny to some, if someone else made this statement, maybe even I would laugh ‘What is tired of it’. However, considering that I have spent more than half of my life in this sector, my desire to escape from people may be met more comprehensively. There have been so many people who broke my heart that throughout my career, I have always loved dogs more than any of them. Dogs seem more loyal to me than humans; Have you ever seen a dog not keeping its promise? You can’t see it because they don’t promise you, they don’t make promises, they don’t disappoint, they don’t let go of your bad days, they stop, and they love you and be with you without waiting for anything in return. I want to save a lot of dogs from shelters and live with them 30-40 km from the city in a lakeside, forest house and be happy. I can, I can’t, it’s a separate issue, but isn’t it a dream, it’s mine. ”

What can not tolerate? He is stupid, fixed-minded and cannot tolerate a person who persecutes himself and his environment by doing his job even though he does not like it. “In the past, I used to behave differently so that it wouldn’t be a shame, I wouldn’t offend anyone, but now I prefer not to even deal with such people. I ignore them. ”

What does he do at home? He likes to watch movies most when he is at home. “I’m a movie-watching freak, I have a projector and sound system in my room, I think I’m one of the exaggerating things about home theater, I turn off and watch movies sometimes.”

The TV series he has followed: I find “The Night Of” interesting. A series that pushes the limits of reality perception and makes you think, “Why are we not doing such things?” Other than that, ‘Bates Motel’, ‘Narcos’, ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Peaky Blinders’, ‘In Treatment’, ‘Last Man On Earth’ are other TV series I like.


2008- Peri Masalı (Fairy Tale) / Tolga

2009- Maskeli Balo / Fatih Yaşar

2010- Day Dreaming / Cihan

2010- Türkan / Tuğrul Saylan

2013-Bizim Okul (Our School) / Kağan

2013-Sana Bir Sır Vereceğim / Levent

2014- Seven Beautiful Man/ Cevat

2015- Butterflies / Gani

2016/2017- Waves / Cenk

2016- Yüzyıllık Mühür / Kemal

2018- Servet / Başar Fettah

2020-Tutunamayanlar / Tunç

2020- Çıplak / Yiğit

2020- Ramo / Taner Hanlı

2021- Flame Of Fates / Serkan


2009- Kıskanmak / Nüzhet

2013- Sadece Tek Bir Gün / Can

2014- Uzun Yol/ Murat

2017- Sen Kiminle Dans Ediyorsun? / Anıl

2018- Fenomen

2021- Tilki Yuvası

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