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Who is Burcu Gönder? Where is she from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Burcu Gönder was born on February 7, 1983 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Burcu Gönder
Date of Birth: February 7, 1983
Place of Birth: Istanbul
Height: 1.70 m.
Weight: 56 kilos
Sign: Aquarius
Eye color: brown
Child: Lisa Parlak
Pets: She has a dog.

Family: In 2015, she married Emrah Parlak, with whom she took a role in the program “Very Beautiful Movements These”. The couple, who have a daughter, decided to divorce in 2020. “My family was not very supportive of my decision to become an actress. They always wanted me to finish school and have a job with insurance. Her thoughts didn’t change until I was on TV.”

Childhood years: She was a bit of a mischievous student in middle school. She was left out when she entered high school because her average was low. “My mother goes to Industrial Vocational High School and finds a newly opened department there. They don’t look at the score, the department I entered was shoemaking. There we learned everything about shoes, from design to construction. Those who study in this section can then work on the model in shoe factories. I read it reluctantly. I had no idea about university. I thought it would be difficult to graduate from vocational high school and get into university. So I was planning to go abroad. A friend of mine went to England as an au pair, it reminded me of it too. I got up and went to get a visa. They didn’t give me a visa because I went to the interview two days after the 9/11 events in America. All my dreams were shattered, of course. Then I decided to prepare for university exams. At that time, I wanted to do a lot of things. When they asked me as a child, ‘What do you want to do?’, I always said something different. I entered Istanbul University Leather Department, it was my last choice. I reluctantly signed up. In this process, I had no acting in mind. I honestly didn’t know what to do.”

Educational life: She left Istanbul University, Department of Leatherwork. She joined the Istanbul University Student Culture Center theater group and after studying there for two years, she attended the Moonlight Art House Theater course in 2003.

The turning point of her life: The theater course she attended at the university changed her life. Her meeting with Yılmaz Erdoğan later on was the turning point of her career. “There were records at the student cultural center at the university, I went to the interview. There were three tables; baglama, folk dances and theatre. I went and enrolled in a theater course. I cannot describe the feeling I had when I first stepped on stage. ‘I found it! I said, ‘I can be anything here’. That’s the feeling I was looking for. My theater teacher said, ‘You have something, go to the theater, take the conservatory exams’. After I started BKM, I left school. Then I gave up on the conservatory. Because we received conservatory education at BKM. I actually tried to enter the conservatory, but no one was making me work, and when I started to study on my own, there were 15 days for the exam. Of course not. I said I would try again next year. One day, a friend of mine recommended Yılmaz Erdoğan’s book. I read the portrait book of Yılmaz Erdoğan written by Muhsin Kızılkaya. I read it in one night, I said I found my hero. I did not know that Yılmaz Erdoğan opened a workshop, I just wanted to meet. I added Muhsin Kızılkaya from MSN. I contacted from there, explained my problem. I wrote him a three-page email. After 10-15 days, a response came, “Be at Akatlar Cultural Center this day and this time”. When we met, I learned that Yılmaz Erdoğan opened a workshop. He told me to go to Beşiktaş Cultural Center the next day. I don’t remember how I got home. My first lesson was with Muhsin Kızılkaya and the second with Yılmaz Erdoğan.”

The first step into acting: She went before the camera for the first time with “Bir Demet Tiyatro”

Which project did it shine with? She became well-known all over Turkey with the program ‘Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar’.

A source of happiness: She is happy to act in the movie “Hükümet Kadın” with Demet Akbağ, who is also her teacher, and to portray her daughter.” I had the chance to act with Demet Akbağ in “Bir Demet Theater” before, but they were very small stages. I heard Demet Akbağ’s name before I saw the script, and I said okay. It was very exciting to act mother-daughter with her. It was really lucky for me. She’s a very strong actress. When you are your teacher, you know that even if you make a mistake, she will show you the right thing, it is her comfort.”

First feature film: Yılmaz Erdoğan / Neşeli Hayat

Her perspective on business life: She interprets her entry into the sector as “I dived into the sea without knowing how to swim”. “Comedy is hard work. I started with the hardest. I had a hard time at first. After two years of training, we started to appear on the stage. Teacher Yılmaz always used to tell us, ‘Don’t look for comedy in Krypton, comedy is inside you’. Yılmaz Erdoğan is both my master and my idol. I can say that I have a master in this life.”


2018- Ağlama Anne / Aydan

2016- 3 G / Geldim Gördüm Güldüm Show

2015- Eğlendirme Dairesi

2014- Anasının Oğlu/ Gözde

2008- Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar / Burcu

2006- Bir Demet Tiyatro


2018- Eski Köye Yeni Adet/ Şadiye

2013- Hükümet Kadın/ Güle

2013- Hükümet Kadın / Güle

2009- Neşeli Hayat / Şermin


2016- 3G – Geldim Gördüm Güldüm Show / Actress

2015- Eğlendirme Dairesi / Actress

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