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5 July 2022 21:54


Berrak Tüzünataç is putting on a show with her own bikinis and jewellery!

Participating in a magazine’s party, Berrak Tüzünataç was very happy to meet for her friends whom she had not seen for a long time. The actress, who signed with the Gain platform for her program Deli Dolu Masa, started to appear in front of her fans with a different format.

Expressing that she has done different projects and shared them on social media, the actress was very pleasant. Tüzünataç said, “We always go and do something,” and told that she shuffled between work and vacation.

Explaining that she will spend the summer going back and forth between work and vacation, Tüzünataç also stated that she is in good spirits. The actress also wears the bikini and jewelry models she has been working on for a long time during her summer vacation.

Berrak Tuzunataç, who is on vacation and having pleasant moments with her friends, cools off by swimming in the sea.

Attracting attention with her bronze skin, the pleasant moments of the actress with her colleague Selma Ergeç were also reflected in the cameras.

The famous actress, who also displays her fit body with her bikini poses on her Instagram account, also reflects how joyful the summer vacation was.

The actress, who wears her own designed bikinis, proudly announced this to her fans. Tüzünataç said, “I am a little happy. After months of hard work…

Everything on me is my design. Our jewelry collection is now on sale. By the way, she also posted a message on her Instagram account, “My bikini.”

The actress, who exhibited both her bikini and accessory designs, proudly mentioned that they are all her own designs.

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