Who is Çağlar Çorumlu? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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3 October 2022 16:41


Who is Çağlar Çorumlu? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Çağlar Çorumlu was born on December 4, 1977 in Amasya Merzifon. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Çağlar Çorumlu
Date of Birth: December 4, 1977
Place of Birth: Amasya / Merzifon
Height: 1.75 m.
Weight: 80 kg
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Eye color brown
Hair color is black
Mother: Yuksel Corumlu
Father: Vedat Çorumlu
Spouse: Gaye Çorumlu
Child: Ali Çorumlu
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caglar_corumlu

Family: Coming from an educational family. His mother and father are teachers. His father passed away after a heart attack in the past years. He married Gaye Çorumlu in 2012 and the couple has a son named Ali. “My family didn’t want me to be an actor in the beginning. They always supported me to participate in social activities in all the schools I attended. But when I took the business seriously and said, “Dad, I will leave the university and go to the conservatory” while I was in the first year of university, there was a panic situation. Every year I used to say “Dad, I am leaving school, I want to be an actor, look, people who come to support me in this regard, they say I can do this job”. Finally, my father said “okay son, finish your school and then do whatever you are doing”. My family rightly resisted, but I darkened my eyes. I would definitely do theater, even if it was an additional job. ”

Childhood years: He had a pleasant childhood in a loving family. “My unforgettable childhood memories are the arrival of our relatives from Izmir and Ankara during the holidays, and our going to my grandmother’s vineyard to pick grapes. Childhood in Anatolia brings a lot of skills. You grow up with nature, so you see whatever life is about you can live alone in the small city. Luckily I had the opportunity to study people. So time flows more slowly in a small place. You observe and absorb people more easily. ”

Education life: He graduated from Merzifon High School. Later, he settled in Eskişehir. He graduated from Anadolu University, Tourism and Hotel Management Department in 2000. He studied theater for a year at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center Actor Studio in Istanbul.

How he got into acting: He decided to become an actor in the middle second grade when he was 12 years old. “It was a difficult and grueling time for me. While studying in Eskişehir, there was a tourism theater group in the first grade. We worked a couple of plays with our brothers who came from the conservatory, then we formed amateur groups ourselves. The acting adventure started in this way. In 2000, I came to Istanbul at the age of 23. There was a course called “actor studio” at the Müjdat Gezen Art Center, I went there and finished it. It later became the ‘Number Seven’ (7 Numara) series. My adventure started in 2001. ”

First step into acting: He started his television adventure with ‘Number Seven’ series.

With which project did it shine? He drew attention with the character of “Şevket Mircan” in the TV series “Güldür Güldür Show”.

Personality traits: Patient, hardworking, humble, funny, determined.

First feature film: Zeki Demirkubuz / Kader

View of life: A brave person does not race with time, he likes to live whatever the time shows. “My decision to come to Istanbul after the university has finished has affected my life tremendously. It would not be like this if I left Merzifon and came to Istanbul immediately. I made a very clear point in another life. Actually it was not that difficult, there is no need to compete with time, one should be with him. If you say what would have happened if you couldn’t, nothing would happen. I have a profession at hand. Whatever job a person does other than the job he likes, it is the same for me. Sometimes you let go, sometimes circumstances force you to leave and go or stay. Regardless, life continues somehow. Neither should show resistance. It’s under your control.”

His attitude to business life: As the projects and roles grow, he thinks that the ego of the actor should be ripped off. “This is how it happens with me, I close the gaps that ego gives with big projects. My egos decrease as the projects grow. My advice to those who want to be actors is that they should be calm, I especially say this because I know that they cannot be calm, they are young, excited, and hectic. It does not matter whether it is right or wrong, but they should decide something. It is not too late for anything. Even if they have a feeling of being late, don’t forget that they can be the exception. Being an exception makes a person different. Everyone should proceed with their own truths, not on taught truths. It is necessary to be calm and act with alternative. ”

Career plan: Purpose from the beginning; Being popular is not making money. Doing something good and right. He thinks that career planning should be left to some time by being patient but also working. “I really enjoy playing comedy. It is fun to enlarge the worlds of little men and to make the worlds of big men smaller. The closer comedians are to the truth, the funnier they are. Being real is actually dramatic. Life requires an eye or a posture. You do something, it can be exhausted after two years. You have to work again and come up with other ideas with the agenda. Yes, our rate of comedy has increased, but we certainly need more. Being able to laugh or make laugh is actually a matter of intelligence. ”

Dream of the Future: My goal was to establish his own theater, as every theater artist has, and he achieved this goal. “I had a purpose. We established a theater, its name is TiyatrOPS. I love to play and it doesn’t matter to me in place or place. What is important to me is whether I enjoy it where I play, am I having fun, can I entertain it? I would ask people if I can convey what exists in my life experiences, can I meet people with whom we think the same things.

I was in city theaters. I continued for five seasons, we played very good games, I had very good days. But now I’m very tired. We were sitting and chatting with Nefrin Tokyay, my dear teacher, and he said, “Come on, let’s play children’s theater.” I was surprised, I said what are you talking about my teacher, I was shocked. He said that he would not have done, I would support him. Then I talked to my wife and we said we will do it. We went and established a company, while thinking about what the name should be, it became TiyatrOPS. It stands for theater, play and performance. ”

Relationship with nature: Istanbul’s favorite state, traffic-free time at night. His favorite districts are Sultanahmet, Kuzguncuk, Adalar, old Nevizade and Moda, and he spends time there as he loves places that are more green, calm and untouched.


2018/2019 – Jet Society / Yaşar Yüksel
2013 – Brave Nurse (Cesur Hemşire) (Babür) (TV Series)
2013/2020 – BKM Güldür Güldür / Şevket Mircan
2013/2014 – Never mind (Aldırma Gönül)
2012 – İbret-i Ailem / Kenan
2012 – Dark Red / Galip
2012- Sizinkiler- Cracked Eggs / Zeytin
2010 – Big Family (Geniş Aile) Season 2 / Yurdakul
2009 – Teyze Anne / Şaşkın Bakkal
2009 – Haneler / Çağlar
2008 – Step Family (Üvey Aile) / Feyyaz
2008 – Derman / Güven
2007- Wall / Hasan
2006 – Flames Of Desire / Sezgin
2006 – Ezo Gelin / Zeki
2006 – Oh If I Was a Police
2005 – Reverse Corner (Ters Köşe) / Sinan
2004 – Night Walk (Gece Yürüyüşü) / Hakan
2000 – Number Seven / Yusuf Güdük


2020- İyi Aile Babası
2020- Kısmet / Kenan
2020- Karakomik Filmler: Emanet/ Ayhan
2018- Cebimdeki Yabancı / Suavi
2018 – Arif V 2016 /Zeki Müren
2017 – Kolonya Cumhuriyeti /Peker Mengen
2017 – Tatlım Tatlım / Tatlım
2016 – Kor /Aslan
2015 – Bulantı /Beşir
2015 – Yok Artık /Semih
2014 – Pek Yakında /Zeki
2013 – Daire /Necip
2012 – Buz Devri 4: Kıtalar Ayrılıyor (Türkçe Seslendirme)
2010 – Prensesin Uykusu /Aziz
2009 – Rina /Umut
2008 – Osmanlı Cumhuriyeti /Piştici 2
2006 – Yanılgılar / Mehmet (Kısa Film)
2006 – Kader /Kamil


2020- Übü Hep Übü
2019- Yorgun Cümleler Günlüğü
2014- Big Shoot / Mösyö
2013- Güldür Güldür Show / Şevket Mircan
2011- Şark Dişçisi / Taparnigos
2010- Marat Sade / Anlatıcı
2009- Tarla Kuşuydu Juliet / Shakespeare
2009- Ayşegül Sıkıntıda
2009- Karagöz Geri Döndü
2008- İstanbul Efendisi
2007-Ayşegül Hindistanda
2006-Kadınlarda Savaşı Yitirdi
2002- Havadan Sudan
2001- Bir Şahnaz Oyun
2001- Kızgın Damdaki Kedi
1999/2000-Mezopotamya Üçlemesi: Taziye


2015 – 20th Sadri Alışık Cinema Awards / Best Actor of the Year in a Supporting Role in Musical or Comedy / Coming Soon

2012 – 16th Afife Theater Awards / Most Successful Musical or Comedy Male Actor of the Year / Oriental Dentist

2017 – 44th Pantene Golden Butterfly Award Ceremony / Best Comedy & Romantic Comedy Series Male Actor / Güldür Güldür Show

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