Who is Aslıhan Güner? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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3 October 2022 17:14


Who is Aslıhan Güner? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Aslıhan Güner was born on December 17, 1987 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Aslıhan Güner
Date of Birth: December 17, 1987
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.70 m.
Weight: 57 kg
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Eyes are blue
Hair color is black
Spouse: Mert Kılıç
Siblings: Neslihan Güner, Yasemin Güner
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aslihanguner/

Family: She has 3 siblings. She married Mert Kılıç, whom he met on the TV series “Şefkat Tepe” on June 9, 2013. “I was the oldest child in the house. Since I was a sister, I had a maternal soul. I was like a mother to my siblings. I still am. Since I am a beautiful baby, I was offered an offer to play in commercials when I was 3-4 years old. My father did not accept. My father had enough of everything for us, not more. ‘If your every wish is fulfilled, it causes a spiritual deficiency. “You forget to be grateful,” he used to say. I remember, if I wanted something so bad, I would write a letter to my father and take it that way. I always wanted to earn my own money. I have a weird trading head. God willing, I will not go hungry. I get my bread out of the stone. ”

Childhood years: From the age of 11, she got a job and worked every summer vacation. This situation helped her to know life earlier. She knows how hard it is to make money. “You cannot get the pleasure you get when your labor is paid for. I used to work even on holidays. So the popularity of this job has never taken hold of me. I am a person who knows the value. I am grateful for everything that God has not given. The biggest plus of my childhood years. My biggest luck is my belief, thanks to him I was able to do something. ”

Education life: She studied acting at the Barış Manço Cultural Center.

How she started acting: The curiosity to start acting started with the arrival of Gazanfer Özcan Theater when she was in the third grade of primary school. “There was going to be a TV shoot and I was assigned. When I first saw myself on TV, I was so excited that the idea of ​​becoming an actress one day made my heart warm. Afterwards, I wrote and played theater in my school first; I danced, read poems, sang songs. When I was a little older, what I did by myself was not enough and I went to theater classes in a cultural center for three years. Later, when I started university, I started working professionally with Tümay Özokur. ”

First step into acting: She started her television adventure in 2002 with the TV series ‘World Of Secrets’ (Sırlar Dünyası).

With which project did it shine? She drew attention with the character “Gonca”, which he portrayed in the “Asi” series.

Personality traits: Determined, hardworking, selfless, maternal, emotional, sympathetic.

Social: Things she likes to do most; traveling, exploring, taking photos and taking photos. Their plans include going to Paris, Dubai and Northern European countries Sweden, Norway and Denmark as soon as possible.

Mindset: She does his job to earn money, not to be famous. “I hug my profession with four hands. I’m trying to do whatever I can do. Being a player is like gambling, you have to be lucky. Since I don’t know anyone, I wanted to have a bracelet. I may sound old-fashioned, but I am someone with firm feet on the ground. I already dropped out of school. There was an offer for the series ‘Asi’, I had to live in Antakya for 2 years. I have never regretted that I quit halfway. Because I’ve always worked. I have no place to target. I just take care not to break my line on the road I started. God helps too. ”

What kind of person is she on set? She is usually very friendly but serious moments in sets. She believes she has more set ethics than his peers. “I am very disciplined. Like many of my actor friends, I do not make the set wait, do not whim. Because that’s how I saw it from my elders, I learned it. They say that the script was not even left on set. These come from Yeşilçam culture. This was the most important piece of information I learned. If necessary, I fall asleep, but I never go to the set without studying. Of course, it’s a bit of a matter of character. ”

Source of happiness: She thinks that he works with master actors and excellent directors such as Tuncel Kurtiz, Nur Sürer and Çetin Tekindor. “When I worked on the same project with powerful names and directors, I took slow but firm steps. When I entered this market, I had no acquaintance or connection. I was the only gun. I came to where I am today with my nails. ”

First motion picture: İsmail Güneş / The İmam

Looking at love: “Love means peace and happiness. When you meet with the right person, both love and marriage are very beautiful. I think people marry their best friend. Mert (Kılıç) was like that for me. We got married after two years of friendship. It is very important to understand. Marriage is the most beautiful thing in the world when you find the right person. We are already in similar characters with Mert. ”

Her view of life: She lives her life in a planned way, so even when she’s busy, she doesn’t have much trouble. “Generally I use my energy well, often catching up with more than one thing. Since I feed on my job and my love, it is a very nice balance for me to have both in my life. ”

Her view of business life: She feels lucky to do what she is in love with. “I started from the bottom and progressed step by step in my career. It has become like a school of life because I work with very nice names and good projects. I’ve been in this business since I was 15-16 years old. I was a child devoted to the theater. Although I read the advertisement section, it was all about acting. It was not easy. I feel lucky that my career has taken firm steps forward and I am doing what I love. ”

Career plan: Not ambitious, but hardworking and doing the best to achieve. “Ambition means something is missing in my opinion. My biggest dream was to play the Ottoman woman and I portrayed it twice. I also played roles such as agent, police, gym woman, student and doctor. Now I want to portray today’s woman. I think so for both the movie and the TV series.

Future Dream: It is always the opinion that it is good to portray different roles. When she looks at his past, she thinks she’s doing good things for his age. “I came to where I am deservedly. I want to take firm steps slowly. Acting has no age, you can play at any age, I would like to act at the age of 50. I don’t want to be someone who flashes on my TV.

Hobby: Music, sounding very good, wants to make an album in the future. “I always sing on live broadcasts and programs I attended. However, I didn’t get the chance to use my voice on a project. They keep asking, “Do you want to take a tape or do something with this song?” I want. Because I think that my singing and having a beautiful voice is a plus for my acting. I hope I can use my voice in a project. ”

Who does he admire? She loves old Turkish movies. She admires the stances of Türkan Şoray, Filiz Akın, Hülya Koçyiğit, Fatma Girik and Gülşen Bubikoğlu and believes that they were born to be artists. “I wish I was born at that time and I wish I was Yeşilçam.”

The criterion of attractiveness in men: She was influenced by her wife Mert Kılıç’s heart and outlook on life. “Mert is the cleanest, most honest, outgoing man I have ever seen in my life. He’s been thankful every day since the day he was in my life. ”

What does she do at home? When she has time, she does her house work. Her favorite job is kitchen work; Can cook and dessert 24/7. “I’m a kitchen freak, I live in the kitchen when I’m home. When it comes to my dislike the most, arranging the dressing room Sometimes it is very difficult to fold, hang and straighten the clothes. ”

How is it with social media? There is a large fan base on social media. “I have no claim to Instagram phenomenon. My audience loves me completely, beauty and positivity.


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