Farewell to The Respect from Boran Kuzum!
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27 September 2022 05:10


Farewell to The Respect from Boran Kuzum!

Ercüment Çözer was an influential character and familiar to those who watched an Behzat Ç. Ankara Police series. A series has now been shot on this character that Nejat İşler gave life to. The name of the series prepared for BluTV is Saygı. In the series starring Nejat İşler, we will watch a master name like Erkan Can, as well as Miray Daner and Boran Kuzum, who appeared in front of the camera together in the TV series Wounded Love. A lot of information was reflected in the press about the series, which has been shooting for a while. It will be released on October 27th.

The preparation and shooting phase, which was followed with great attention as a web series and was eagerly awaited, is over. Now is the time. Boran Kuzum shared a post on the Instagram page for the series, which will be broadcast after 9 days. Kuzum expressed how he felt about taking part in this special project.

At the same time, this sharing was a farewell after the shooting ended. Now the movie is entrusted to the audience. Boran Kuzum stated that the shooting has ended as of yesterday (October 17) and shared the following:

It’s a wraaaaaaap! ✨
?: @ermndctn
We finished our shooting yesterday with this beautiful team, believing, loving and proud of doing a job that we feel comfortable with. We are now looking forward to sharing our story with you. See you on October 27! #Respect @blutv @inter_medya

With this beautiful team, We finished our shootings yesterday feeling proud of doing a job that makes us feel wholeheartedly happy. We are looking forward to sharing our story with you. See you on October the 27th! #RESPECT

Detailed information about the series is as follows:

The actors of “The Respect-An Ercüment Çözer Series”, who will tell the story of Ercüment Çözer (Nejat İşler), who searches for the cause of decay in the society in daily disrespect, answered the question “What is respect?” “The Respect-An Ercüment Çözer Series” will only be on BluTV on October 27!

While the countdown to the broadcast of BluTV’s special production The Respect-An Ercüment Çözer Series continues, the actors of the series Nejat İşler, Miray Daner, Boran Kuzum, Rojda Demirer, Tansu Biçer and Erkan Can are the basis of the story to talk about ‘What is respect? answered his question.

The series, which will focus on the story of Ercüment Çözer (Nejat İşler), who is known for his intolerance against disrespect and who is preparing to come to the agenda with his unique methods of fighting disrespect, will question the concept of respect again.

In the video where the answers given by the players to the question “What is respect?” Nejat İşler said, “Self-esteem is more important than others” and Boran Kuzum emphasized that respect is not a feeling but a general attitude.

The respect that Miray Daner defines as “The only remedy for a peaceful world”; Rojda Demirer described the basic element of healthy communication, while Tansu Biçer described the ability of people to express themselves exactly as they wish. Master actress Erkan Can said that everything in life will begin with respect.

The script of “The Respect-An Ercüment Çözer Series” to be presented to the audience by BluTV, which has been successful in recent years, is produced by Inter Media, ‘Behzat Ç. – While the screenwriter of an Ankara Police is written by Ercan Mehmet Erdem, Ali Taner Baltacı is the director of the series.

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