Romance Next Door says goodbye
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26 September 2022 18:53


Romance Next Door says goodbye

Romance Next Door, which started in the summer season on the Channel D screens, attracted attention at the beginning with its fun story, colorful and adventurous subject. The enjoyable story of the series made it watched during the summer. The romantic comedy-style series continued on its way with Kanal D getting another chance and Selin Şekerci was included in the series, but she could not save the Romance Next Door!

Aysen character, which was removed from the series a few episodes ago, caused reaction from the audience. Even though this decision pleased those who did not fit Furkan Andıç since the beginning of Ezgi Şenler, it was seen that neither the character of Ayşen nor Ezgi Şenler had any effect on the ratings of the series, when the ratings of Selin Şekerci participated.

In fact, when the series showed a slightly lower momentum, those who reacted to Ezgi Şenler’s departure, held the show on social media and even commented that “Ezgi Şenler has kept the sigh. In fact, it is obvious that he will not be able to save the series at this time, regardless of who comes. In other words, it was neither Ezgi Şenler’s departure nor Selin Şekerci’s arrival.

Furkan Andıç, Ezgi Şenler, Nilay Deniz and Yiğit Kirazcı came out of the series and Selin Şekerci came out of the series, but the situation did not change. Positioned as a family, neighborhood comedy, the series was taken to Saturday night, but it still did not contribute to the ratings.

The channel resisted, made a change of players, went to a change of days, but some jobs only last that long! If it doesn’t surround the viewer, it doesn’t and it makes no sense to force it. It doesn’t matter why the final decision was made for Romance Next Door. The decision has been made and the series says goodbye to the screen with its episode to air on Saturday, October 24.

In other words, with the 16th episode, which will be screened on Saturday night this week, a series will end its journey on the screen.

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