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Who is Ceren Moray? Height – Age – Series – Family

Ceren Moray Brun was born on 5 June 1985 in Diyarbakır. She is a Turkish TV series and film actress.

First name: Ceren Moray Brun
Birthday: June 05, 1985
Place of Birth: Diyarbakır
Length: 1.60 m.
Weight: 42 kilos
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Eye color brown
Mother: Hülya Moray
Father: Celal Moray
Siblings: One child
Spouse: Nico Brun

Family: Her mother is Hülya Moray and her father is Celal Moray. She is the only child of a civil servant family.

Childhood years: Originally from Diyarbakır. A few years after her birth, she moved to Istanbul with her family and grew up there.

Educational life: She graduated from Haliç University Conservatory Theater Department.

The first step to acting: Ceren Moray, who had her first acting experience with the names of Levent Üzümcü and Müjde Ar, was known for her phenomenon series Poplar Winds, which was published between 2007-2010.

With which project did it shine? She reached a wide fan base with the character Efsun in the series ‘That Life is Mine’.

Personality traits: It is natural enough to say to someone who does not know her, “You love people, we will have fun together.” She loves freedom, and also her masculine style. As it is, it is without a mask.

Personal development: “I am studying cookery. We are thinking of doing something in common with my wife. There is nothing clear yet, I just go to the course in my spare time.

How does she define her style: “I can say eclectic. I think I have a style that embraces the style of many eras. But still the most specific thing to say about my style in the first place is that it is masked. ”

Social: Reading books and watching movies in their spare time. “I’m good with politics. If I have four hours of free time, I definitely look at the news in half an hour. ”

Mindset: “I am not easy to burn, but I am sensitive. Now, as a society, it is difficult to predict what is painful or not because we live a life under the pain. Every artist who can be said to be a little melancholic has a dark side in which he loves depression. As people age, their self-esteem increases. When I was younger, I always thought, “Everything will be worse when I get older,” but otherwise it happened. This time you are starting to love life very much, things you believe are changing. You start believing the family more. ”

How’s that on the set? She likes different and different roles. “This is the tasteful part of the work. It’s great to play someone who does things you won’t do in your life. ”

The source of happiness: “I am very lucky about my family. I have a parent that I talk to about seven times a day. Now we hit the bottom of everyday issues. When I am drunk, when I am bored, when someone hurts me, when I am very happy, I stick to the phone and call them. ”

First feature film: Kerem Deren /  A Little September Issue

The definition of love: “I am a low emotional threshold, but in an entirely instinctive way, I decided to confront the fact that the people who made me family would someday no longer exist and decided to set up my own family. To be a family, to marry, to have a child, to make it happen even if it is always in your pocket Taking steps out of social pressure is a bit of a biological clock, a little bit of human inevitable pragmatism, or at least for me. As for love; I can have love even with a wooden table. The most important thing is to feel safe and free at the same time to do the things you would say “never do”. ”

Life attitude: “In the past, my friends had lovers, then they got married, then they had children. Now their parents are dying. Of course, there is a side that frightens you. So now all you believe is becoming relationships you have, you are afraid of losing. Even if he goes to a somewhat anxious place, this is also enjoyable. ”

Her view of business life: “I have never walked in beauty in my career, if we come to the title of sexy, I do not find myself sexy at all”

Career plan: Taking part in different roles.

Concerns: “I am concerned about being hopeful about the future. It’s not about being a political person. Society is becoming increasingly politicized. You are also worried about your future as I am in my 30s. There are no women in the country, everyone became male. I recently saw a young couple in my neighborhood. The boy is hitting the girl. Then he grabbed her hair and hit her head on the ground. I got out of the window and said, “I’ll call the police enough.” The girl turned to me and said, “Come in, what are you messing with?” said. So there is a great acceptance of the male perspective on women. This situation worries me inevitably. ”

Who admires? Müşfik Kenter, ” Be a man!” Is the recommendation of my Musfik teacher that I understand the biggest and most important day by day.

Which movie was he influenced by? I’ve seen the best movies I’ve watched in recent years. Relatos Salvajes, Listen to me Marlon, Lobster, Victoria were awesome films.

What kind of music does he like to listen to? I listen to things that make me feel more vigorous during the process we are in. Cem Karaca, Group Comment, Necropsy, The Clash, Selda Bağcan, Ruhi Su, Beastie Boys like.

What does she spend on? “The passion for bags and shoes is going on in an unimaginable size for me as much as anyone else.”


2020- Teacher (Zeynep)
2018 Courtyard (Azra Kaya)
2014-2017 That Life is Mine (Efsun)
2012 İşler Güçler (Zehra Cengiz)
2007 Poplar Winds (Water)
2007-2008 Doctors (Senem)
2005 Breathless (Ezgi)
2004 Uncle (Simge)
2003 Bum Lovers


2018 Arada
2016 Untouched Love (Feryal)
2016 Events Events (Merve)
2015 Yok Artık (Ebru)
2014 A Little September Issue (Berrak)

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