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6 July 2022 14:22


Burcu Kıratlı lives the blessings of the Resurrection Ertuğrul series!

One of the most important productions in Turkish television history Resurrection Ertuğrul. The series, which lasted for 5 seasons, continues to affect the world. Resurrection Ertuğrul, starring Engin Altan Düzyatan, has been published in Pakistan since the beginning of Ramadan.

The series, which was broadcast in Urdu, was highly appreciated by the public. There were many posts on social media about Resurrection Ertuğrul. Asian artists, who show their admiration to the series, also play their generic music by adding their own comments. You can see the works of artists in many videos on social media.

Burcu Kıratlı, who played the character of Gökçe Hatun in the series, also received great attention.

Social media users in Pakistan made many posts about Burcu Kıratlı. The famous actress also sent a message to her fans from her Instagram account.

Burcu Kıratlı was unable to take part in another project after the Love and Blue series finished in 2018. She, who is in search of a new series, is experiencing the blessings of Resurrection Ertuğrul these days.

Burcu Kıratlı, who shared an English message after being liked by the public in Pakistan, thanked all her fans.

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