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6 July 2022 19:25


Can Yaman was one of the winning celebrities of the quarantine period!

The renewal period for 2020 was Can Yaman. The actor both completed his military service and drew a new path to him after the mistakes he made in 2019.

After the great success of the Early Bird series, Can Yaman felt the pressure of making more explanations and fame and made mistakes. His military service during this period provided a purification on behalf of the famous actor. For Can Yaman, the period of mistakes seems to have closed in 2019.

The actor again goes on a journey with Özge Gürel, with whom he played a role in the Full Moon series. Preparations for the Mr. Wrong series have been completed and the set is expected to begin.

Can Yaman takes important steps on the new road he draws for him. The player, who did not leave his house because of the coronavirus pandemic, turned this period into a positive one for himself.

Speaking to Habertürk, Can Yaman said, “I tried to turn this process into a positive one. I play drums, get trainings, dance tango.”

The actor, who is learning Spanish, wants to be able to talk directly with his fans.

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