Who is Cihangir Ceyhan? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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27 November 2022 09:21


Who is Cihangir Ceyhan? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Cihangir Ceyhan was born on October 15, 1989 in Adana. Turkish TV and movie actor.

Name: Cihangir Ceyhan
Date of Birth: October 15, 1989
Place of Birth: Adana
Height: 1.77 m.
Weight: 75 kilos
Sign: Libra
Eye color: Brown
Siblings: Has an older brother and sister
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ceyhancihangir/

Family: He was born and raised in Adana. He is originally from Elazig by his father. His mother died when he was 2 years old. “My mother passed away in 91. My father is a retired worker, he never remarried after my mother. I have a brother and sister. Although we lived in the slum, they were clear-headed, intellectual types. We have grown within ourselves, outside of our environment, with a slightly higher cultural awareness. For example, we all went to university. We lost my mother to cancer, I was just two years old. I only remember a vague image of those days. The crowd is as if I see him from afar, in an environment with guests. I don’t know, maybe it’s a hallucination. I learned from my family that I should always be strong and decent, without breaking my bone. They instilled feelings such as living properly, earning halal, speaking out against wrong. It was a good childhood.”

Childhood years: He started working from an early age, he did many jobs. “My family has always instilled in me the feelings of being strong and decent, living properly, earning halal, speaking out against wrong. I had a good childhood. I am a person who grew up mostly on the street, but who knows what the street is so much that I can’t get into the wrong and wrong, and I have digested the street. Being on the street gives people a greater awareness. It’s almost as if you are in a survivor, 13-14 years old, you become a target in life. You may be a street child, but you must not be an idiot. Life requires being smart. I’m not a vagrant, but let’s say I live on the street. I started working at a young age, my brother was a mechanical engineer. I’ve done a lot of hard work in the industrial zone. In my adolescence, I sold a lot of things, from credit cards to internet subscriptions. Life can come in any way, the important thing is to set up your own system. We had only one advantage compared to the people we lived in the same neighborhood. Oda was that our uncle was a bit of a political man. Thanks to him, books were entering our house. My uncle made my brothers read a lot of books and did things to improve their vision. My sister and brother were more intellectual types. Cartoons began to enter our house at an early age. My brother was a very quick-witted child. I can say that what made him quick-witted was what he read. At that time, I wanted to go to football, my brother; He said if you play football you will be a chump go to basketball I also went to play basketball, most of my friends were professor children when I played at Çukurova University. Their financial situation was good, they could do most of what they wanted. Although I was a good player, what I could do was limited due to my financial situation. While they were driving around and going to the summer house, I was withdrawing into my own shell.”

Education life: He took acting lessons in front of the camera for two and a half years in Istanbul.

The turning point of his life: He sees the TV series “Çukur” as the turning point of his career. “I always wanted to travel and see different countries. I saved my money, got it from my family, went to Ukraine to study dentistry. But I left, it didn’t work. Then, I won the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at Eskişehir Anadolu University, Faculty of Communication. But I didn’t finish it either. I didn’t want to read. Finals, midterms, study for five years, then look for a job. I wanted to exist by struggling in life. I was shooting short viral videos and underground rap clips with my friends in Adana. I am familiar with the camera. I decided to go to Istanbul. While I was working as a waitress in Asmalımescit, I was shooting and editing the stage performances of alternative bands in that bar. I was staying in a shared house in Tarlabaşı. Shared home; You rent a house with people you don’t know, it’s cheap. Anyway, a member of one of the bands playing in the bar was giving acting lessons. I started scholarship education. I went to many test shots, it didn’t work. I returned to Adana. While I was thinking that I would go to Cyprus as a waitress, my director friend Beran (Taşkın) wanted to bring his old group of friends together and we shot ‘Sıfır Bir’. Then came ‘Çukur’ and ‘Alev Alev’. I was a good storyteller, and I used to make good imitations. I have also been in the conversation of our elders a lot. When I was 10 I was talking like a 25-year-old person. These are all things that feed me. It was the stuff that fed both my imitation ability and my spirit world.

Unforgettable set memory: He can’t forget his first scene in the TV series ‘Çukur’. “People had the question, ‘Is he really an actor?’ I had to clear those doubts. It was the fourth day of my military service and my first scene in ‘Çukur’ is the money burning scene. I haven’t acted in a while. Lots of cars behind me, lots of men in suits. The ones in front of me are officially the champions league. In front of me were Aras Bulut Iynemli, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Necip Memili, Mustafa Kırantepe, Öner Erkan, Cem Uslu… It was an unforgettable moment for me. It was a scene that I really enjoyed. The back and front of the camera made me feel very welcome. We got a very good energy. I am very happy to be involved in a project like ‘Çukur’.

First step into acting: He first appeared before the cameras in 2015 with the character of ‘Serdar’, which he portrayed in the movie ‘Yusuf’.

Which project did it shine with? He gained a large fan base with the character of ‘Cio’, which he acted in the TV series ‘Sıfır Bir Adana’.

Personality traits: He used to be a more angry person, now this aspect has been rasped. “In the past, it was triggering things like life struggle, not getting what you wanted, and it could make me aggressive. I’ve known for a while that I need to be even smarter. Most of all, I get angry at being taken for an idiot. I’m a tough guy instead. But I rasped them a lot. Just as not being able to get into university was a disaster for my family, losing something where I am now would be even more devastating for them. That’s why I’m more cautious. I have an isolated life. I try to live a ‘fresh’ life in a nice neighborhood by establishing good relations with the shopkeepers.”

Mindset: “I’ve never seen myself as lumpen-sized people who drive very luxurious cars, open whiskey in very expensive environments, oppress other people. I always saw him as a common man. When I first came to Istanbul, I struggled not to get lost. You see people with money living different lives around you. You don’t have any money, so I started a separate struggle not to lose myself. I also struggled not to deviate from my stance so as not to deviate from the wrong paths. My life has always been a struggle. Now I can say that I am struggling to ensure that this beautiful place I am in does not infect me with ego poison.”

First feature film: Ersin Erçin / Yusuf

His outlook on life: After being recognized, he realized that where he is now is not the place he dreamed of. He likes to help people with his earnings. “Now I have created another subtext for myself. After doing these things, I want a life where I can do my own things, do collective work and help people. It is necessary not to deceive people, not to offend or abuse people who do creative work. My dream is to build such a system. Because there are so many young people like Cihangir. When you earn money, your shoes and pants can be new, your fears about health decrease, you have money to go to the hospital. But these also shake you for a week at most. I don’t have very expensive tastes. Helping others is important to me. I remember very well how much money 1,000 lira was for someone else, it was a recent past for me. These sound spiritually satisfying.”

His perspective on business life: He always aims to base his acting on social reality. “I nurtured the people around me, I observed and analyzed them well, and I continue to do so. Acting in a TV series was something very different and tiring. It’s not something you do every year. You create a product by ‘matching’ character analysis and what’s inside of you. To act someone else every year, you need a strong structure, subtexts to motivate you. If you don’t have these, of course, someone is filming you and you are acting. For this reason, jobs that require performance are better. People say they find me sincere. While revealing a character for myself, I do not experience existential pain. I’m comfortable, you shouldn’t strain yourself anyway. The reason why some names can’t do anything on stage is their struggle for existence during or behind the set. ‘Should I talk to Ahmet like this?’, ‘Should I sit in the trailer like this?’ However, it is necessary to put these aside and flow in the moment. For example, I know that I cried for eight hours while filming a scene in ‘The Pit’.”

Career plan: Up until now, he’s usually acted the neighborhood boys. If he likes the script, he has no limits in acting. “My choices depend on who is doing the project, which director is shooting it, and the strength of the text. For me, it is important that the project is consensus and serves a good cause.

Future Dream: “My future dream; To establish a system like Cem Yılmaz, to produce projects and to be a director/producer that opens doors to young people. I would like to work with Fatih Akın, Gaspar Noé, Guy Ritchie. There is always something from life in his films.”

Role model: Yılmaz Güney, Bahman Ghobadi, Gaspar Noe, Gur Ritchie. “I like some of them, but my inspiration is Yılmaz Güney.”

The criterion of attractiveness in women: Loyal, self-sufficient and not greedy attractive.


2020/2021- Alev Alev/ Ömer Ataycı

2019 /2020– Çukur / Azer Kurtuluş

2016/2018 – Sıfır Bir Adana / Cio


2015 – Yusuf / Serdar

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