Who is Ebru Şahin? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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1 December 2022 08:11


Who is Ebru Şahin? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Ebru Şahin was born on May 18, 1994 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Ebru Şahin
Date of Birth: May 18, 1994
Place of Birth: Istanbul
Height: 1.66 m.
Weight: 54 kilos
Zodiac: Taurus
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebrusahin/

Childhood years: She has actively exercised since hen childhood years. Skating, basketball and jogging are among the sports she is interested in. “It was the skater that introduced me to sports and training. I was seven years old. Skating was a very new concept for us at that time. I even had to force myself to see when I saw the skate racing announcement at school without any idea. I even went to school with skates instead of shoes, I was climbing on the board like that. Then I met basketball. My first license. Later, a trainer, who saw my tendency to run, directed him to him, and I chose to run because the training hours were overlapping, so I had to choose. Sport has existed in every period of my life, from a very young age. I really liked this department at the university. But I was also sorry for the absence of sports culture in our country. I won fine arts in high school and gave up at the last minute or was given up… I got ready for the conservatory at the university and turned around the corner again. I grew up with combative women, without a male figure. When this happens, a situation like “Stay away from risk, choose the safe zone and go to guarantee” occurs. So there were some situations that I had to think about, independent of my wishes. I’ve done it up to a point.

Education life: After graduating from Istanbul University Faculty of Sport Sciences, she studied acting.

The turning point of her life: Although she dreams of acting since her childhood, the flow of life led her to different fields. “In the last year of my university life, I decided that what I wanted to do throughout my life was acting, which I always wanted but ignored. As a result, “No love in the heart can remain secret” One of my biggest luck was the crossing of my path with my manager, Abdullah Bulut, whose reliability is very difficult to find in this sector, and I can easily leave my life in her hands. You owe him to see me in good deeds.

First step into acting: She had her first acting experience with the movie ‘Blood Money’.

With which project did it shine? She drew attention with the character “Burcu” in the series “Bride of Istanbul”.

Personality traits: Sincere, energetic, smiling, emotional, sensitive, hardworking.

Social: She can find a hard time for herself because she works at a busy pace. For this reason, if she is going to sleep for six hours, she sleeps four hours and tries to make use of those two hours. “If I have the opportunity to relax, I go for a run or meditate. I don’t like to do monotonous things. When I kickboxing one day, I try Pole Dance, Aerial Yoga the next day, I do fitness, I go to pilates and dance the other day. I love trying different things all the time. I do not like stationary sports, but more difficult and demanding things. ”

Mindset: She is too detailed and likes to touch all the details to connect to something. This is sometimes misunderstood by the environment and can give people the feeling that they are very involved in everything. “Compared to the past, I am more aware and calm. Positive thinking, friendly environment and my belief that everything is possible motivates and encourages me for the future. ”

What kind of person is she on set? She loves movie sets because it is easier and more sincere to master the story, to live in it, to add something. As the drama sets are in a constant rush, it is not a place to enjoy acting, but it is definitely a place that adds speed to her in directing her emotions. “If we consider things like working hours, I think it would be a pain for a person who is not passionate about this, but I love it.”

A source of happiness: She finds it very precious that the light that appears in people’s eyes when they come to them and that they are loved and appreciated by so many people.

First feature film: Ali Adnan Özgür / Kan Parası

Definition of love: She thinks that there is no definition of love and the person to be loved.

View of life: She was introduced to books and poetry at a young age thanks to her mother. “The poet told me in a poetry concert that I went to when I was 12 years old; “Every slip of your foot doesn’t mean falling”, she said. This word comes to mind every time I stumble since that day. It also affected my view of life. ”

Her view on business life: She believes that her work should not be exaggerated. “Just as people get up in the morning and go to work, this is our job. Therefore, it does not seem right to me to put ourselves in a different place than everyone else and to declare them superior. It is much more pleasant and sincere to rise by holding their hand, not by pressing someone’s love. . ”

Career plan: She wants to assume different identities in her career, develop my talents, make innovations, and start with peace of mind. Every job she plays is very important in her life, all of them add a different taste and awareness to her life.

Dream of the Future : She likes not telling her dreams but rather talking about the facts after they happen. “I want to play roles that will nurture my soul, develop me and touch different lives. I don’t like to talk about my dreams, my code name among my friends is ‘secretive’! For example, my childhood dream was to play in Bollywood. That colorful culture occupied my imagination for a long time. ”

Concerns: If she knew it would come true, her biggest wish; It would be “the end of all this chaos and intolerance in the world”. “I can’t make sense that people are so cruel and egocentric. Also, I really cannot stand people who have untied life but have not been able to tie their own rope to interrupt judgment. Lack of understanding and hypocrisy are also concepts that I cannot tolerate but drive me crazy when I have to. ”

Role model: No role model because she thinks everyone’s ways are different.

The criterion of attractiveness in men: It finds men with high emotional intelligence, stylish character, open to communication and honest men.

How is it with social media: Instagram is the most used application. “Social media is a part of all of our lives. Instagram is the application I have used the most since college. I love taking and being photographed. I like to share this with people and write articles in my own way under the photos. Now is the time when we don’t have time to sit down and write two sentences. And now whatever I write can be perceived as my instant mood, so I behave more carefully. ”

Relationship with nature: The most enjoyable places to spend time in Istanbul are the seaside towns close to the water and greenery. When she goes out, she can walk for hours if she wants to. She loves to wander in the historical districts of Istanbul, to walk around, enter antique shops and chat with the tradesmen. “I am a person who likes to travel, see new places, be in nature and camping. There is a production that wants to take my backpack and go almost anywhere. If I have two or three days off at best, I plan immediately. No matter what I’m going and how, where it is, just a plan. If I do not have time to go elsewhere, it is likely to take the heart of my friends who are thinking of ending our friendship because we cannot meet. ”

What does she do at home? She loves staying at home with herself. “You know, they say that when you enter the house, she does not leave, and when she leaves, she is me. I like taking my books and rereading the places I highlighted, listening to music from vinyl, scribbling things, doing housework or looking at the empty ceiling.

What does she pay attention to in her diet? She has been involved in sports since the age of about eight. Like acting and music, sports have always been a part of my life. “Apart from a fit look, sport has been in my life since I realized it made me feel good. I feel really bad when I don’t. For me, it is a mental relaxation method rather than physical effects. I think the biggest factor is that I have been involved in sports for many years. I try to detox once a month and keep a balance of protein and carbohydrates in my routine. ”

Does it follow the fashion? She does not follow the fashion. “Fashion is an understanding that I prefer to wear with my own feelings, whatever I want, regardless of everyone else. The color of this year is this model, and such restrictions go against my soul. I like retro and vintage pieces. I also like the simplicity and elegance of some foreign names.

Which series does it follow? Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders.

“If I had the lead role” the movie he said? She would have liked to star in Manifesto or Milos Forman’s movie Hair, directed by Julian Rosefeldt.


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