Who is Taner Ölmez? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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30 November 2022 13:27


Who is Taner Ölmez? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Taner Ölmez was born on August 9, 1986 in Tunceli. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actor.

Name: Taner Ölmez
Date of Birth: August 9, 1986
Place of Birth: Tunceli
Length: 1.79 m.
Weight: 65 kilos
Zodiac: Lions
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Taylan Özgür Ölmez
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taner_olmez/

Family: Originally, Tunceli from Dersim immigrated to Istanbul with his family when he was 6 years old. His father is a butcher, his mother is a housewife. He has an older brother 6 years older than him. “My uncles, my father, everyone is a butcher. Of course I know very well about meat. I don’t know the date, but my brother and I came to Istanbul before I was born. Ours are from Tunceli’s Ovacık, Ziyaret Village, so named people come here and make offerings, ours also have a herd and sell animals to these people and therefore they know how to use knives. First, my grandfather comes to İstanbul, Sütlüce, then there are slaughterhouses there. Things are going really well, we have five or so butcher shops for a period, then crises occur. But now my father has a butcher’s shop, opened a few years ago. ”

Years of childhood: He started working from an early age. Since his parents worked in Germany for a while, he remained with his grandmother and his brother in his paternal grandmother. “My brother and I were bounced like a ball for years, here and there. Don’t get me wrong, I had a happy childhood. In the summer I would go to Dersim village with my grandmother. I used to work in his grocery store. When the schools were opened in the winter, I would return to Istanbul and live with my grandmother in Halıcıoğlu. My grandmother was my greatest protector. I would call him ‘mother’. I first saw my brother when he was four years old. He was very angry with me, saying, “Brother, what brother?” But after seeing me, he changed his mind. “I saw you once, I thought you were a very cute boy with your curly black hair.” We had a grocery store, I was working there in Tunceli in the summers, then they sent me to study in Istanbul because my lessons were good at school. I was 21 when I entered the conservatory, then I understood the importance of working. I worked in a grocery store, jewelry store, concert venue, and did all kinds of work. I had lived so much, collected memories and stories, and they were so precious. When I met my schoolmates, I realized the value of this, many of them seemed like a mulberry nightingale. This is something like this, you must have lived.

Educational life: He graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department.

The turning point of his life: As a kid, he didn’t have to be a theater actor. But he remembers very well when he thought about it. “We went to watch a play of the city theater as a class in middle school. While watching, I was very bored and decided to myself that the actors were playing wrong, they could be much better, and even shared this with my teacher. Though I didn’t go out with the idea that I would be an actor. But I put it in my mind, I decided that I could do better in the future. I never forget that. I worked with Aytekin Özen at the Bakırköy Municipal Theater and he gave me madrasah training, it was a very hard training. After a while, I decided that I did not want to enter the conservatory, I was thinking that I am already in the kitchen. Then they fired me, something wrong happened, I found myself in the conservatory exams, and I won as soon as I entered. ”

First step into acting: He started his television adventure with the role of “Gıyabettin” in the “Grand Bazaar” series.

With which project did it shine? It drew attention with the character of ‘Mert Asım Serez’ in the ‘Medcezir’ series.

Personality traits: Naive, constructive, straightforward, polite, not ambitious, but determined and hardworking.

Personal development: As he finds time from his work, he tries to attend acting workshops.

Social: Very fond of friends and football. It holds Beşiktaş. “I watch the matches, I go wherever I can. I have great respect for my work, I follow the theater, I definitely watch the games in the season. My life usually passes with the same people, in the same places I love. I don’t have a very surprising life actually. ”

Mindset: He just wants to be relaxed and people approach him from scratch. He does not want to be loved or not loved, he just wishes to be spoken to him without prejudice. “We all get into a state of mind while living. For example, I try to look at the funny side and make fun of bad things. Even if something bad happens in my life, I guess I can take things calmly. ”

What kind of person is he on the set? The criteria that let him decide when a new role comes; script, director, producer and the character to play. He tries to approach every issue by weighing it and thinking every aspect of it. It doesn’t matter whether the TV series, the theater or the advertisement, he thinks about forty times when he takes it. “That game is good, yes, it does not tell, what does it say, it has a question, it is on the agenda, okay. I want to do solid, solid work because in my life. As for the study part, you actually took a shot here, you sat down before that, right? You looked at what could happen, why shouldn’t I? A football player plays one day, five days of training. Why shouldn’t I train? Otherwise, how can I keep myself warm, how can I speak? What kind of hill can I climb and say to people, “Wait a minute brother, I play the king, now I will play the best king”? It is necessary to work for him, you can do it differently, you can do three and four you cannot. ”

First motion picture: Osman Sınav/ Long Story

Admired: He would have liked to play Marlon Brando. “Once the most charismatic actor that has ever lived. He is an actor I admire and respect for his great talent, amazing career, and extraordinary life. ”

Look at love: He describes love as a spark. “You don’t see left or right. I am an enthusiastic man. I follow the person I love and love wherever they want. ”

View of life: Like cicada in summer, he does what he has to do, and if he does not have a job, he enjoys free days. He likes to live in the moment. “I love life, I am happy whether I have a job or not. Whenever happiness is mentioned, I remember a sentence of Altan Erkekli from the movie Vizontele: “If a person loves where he lives, it is the most beautiful place in the world”. This sentence is also my understanding of happiness. I’m not ambitious, I’m not programming myself to be this, I’m going to do this. Maybe that’s not a good thing but it does me good. I have no ambitions, but I know myself very well. ”

View of business life: He thinks that height, pos and handsets are effective on the screen. “The screen loves beauty, but there is the heart of it. These things do not happen with the beauty of the eyebrow’s eye alone. In the ‘Grand Bazaar’ series, I was the latch of the outer door, but I was doing theater, I was in acting. ‘I reached popularity with Medcezir. Then came a very similar role. But I didn’t want to put myself and the characters I played into people’s hands as play dough. With the right project to the audience; I wanted to say ‘This is a child actor’. Because I take this seriously. I’m not a 100-meter runner, I’m a marathon runner. For this reason, I stayed mentally and physically healthy and looked in front of me. ”

Career plan: He knows where to get in the future, what kind of player he will be. He walks slowly and cautiously. “I am very picky, I sift through projects that come to me. Years later, I would like to talk about me saying “That boy was not in every job, but he was very successful in what he was doing.” We are not ballet dancers, so our career ends at the age of 27. We can play great roles in the 50’s. I want to continue with slow and calm steps. As actors, we change, transform and develop as we live. ”

Theater? Television? He thinks that both are basically two areas that feed from the same place. “I can’t say either one is in the foreground, both are acting. It differs in practice because both have their own different discipline. As time goes on, you get a better grasp of the places where they leave and meet, and as such you gain experience. ”

Future Dream : He likes opposite corner roles. “I would love to portray a boxer, for example; I like characters who are prepared both physically and spiritually. ”

Concerns: He thinks the land we live in is a bit of a problem. He also finds the issue of censorship on TV alarming. “We live in a very beautiful but also very difficult geography. The waters never stop. For example, in a Scandinavian country there is no such turmoil as we do. We have too many and they never end. Good things have always been avoided in some way throughout history. Naturally, you feel sorry for your country. Just as you feel sad as a viewer, my heart is torn by the censorship. Weapons explode on TV, women are beaten, will we not be affected by these and will we be affected by smoking? I don’t think we would be affected by a cigarette or a kissing scene in this situation. In fact, it is not understood what is forbidden and what is not forbidden here. So how can I be happy in such a story! I’m just sorry but I have hope, I believe things will get better. ”

Role model: admires Süleyman Turan and Tarık Akan. If I was asked to give a single name, my answer would be Süleyman Turan. You cannot be a good player otherwise you need to be a good person, a respected person before a good player. Süleyman Turan says, “Acting is the revenge of the embarrassed person.” It is so true. He is someone who carries his light wherever he goes. One day, I met the late Tarık Akan, I told him that I admired him and his place was different.

Relationship with nature: He loves everywhere he can see the sea in Istanbul. There are places where he is a regular; He loves Moda very much, he loves the entire coastline that goes from Moda to Suadiye by bike.

Hobby: He likes to travel, discover new places. “I went to many places. First I visited Turkey step by step. I can say that I saw almost all of Europe. While studying at university, I did an interrail, traveled and traveled Europe by train. I can say travel is my favorite activity. ”

What does he do at home? He likes to chat with his friends, eat good food and play playstation when he is home. He’s a very bad TV watcher. He just watches cooking shows. “Wherever I see something about food, I watch it. This is a disease. Let me meet you, be friends, I will immediately teach you which food you can cook at home easiest, and bring the ingredients, ie from the oven bag to the paper. I love cookware, and I love oven meals. Spinach is one click ahead among the slopes I love. ”

His biggest fear: He has a fear of heights and cannot bear to see blood. “If my hand is accidentally cut off, I fall and faint. The truth is, it’s impossible for me to be a doctor. ”

Which movie was impressed by? He loves all Tarantino movies. “I love that guy, he’s a great guy, and he’s a very good player, he’s the forerunner.”


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2016/2017 – Magnificent Century: Kösem / Şehzade Osman
2013 – Tatar Ramazan: I Will Break This Game / Shepherd Ahmet
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2020-46. Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards / Best Actor / A Miracle

2020-Footed Newspaper Awards / Best TV Series Actor of the Year / A Miracle

2014-Afife Jale Theater Award / Most Successful Supporting Actor of the Year / Killer Joe

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