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Who is Edip Tepeli? Where is he from – Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Edip Tepeli was born on April 18, 1989 in Izmir. Turkish TV and movie actor.

Name: Edip Tepeli
Date of Birth: April 18, 1989
Place of Birth: Izmir
Height: 1.85 m.
Weight: 75 kilos
Sign: Aries
Eye color: Brown
Spouse: Ayşecan Tatari
Child: Müjgan Tepeli

Family: He was born in Izmir, grew up, married Ayşecan Tatari, an actress like himself, in 2017. The couple has a daughter named Müjgan.

Education life: Graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory Theater Department.

The first step into acting: He started his television adventure in 2014 with the TV series “Kurt Seyit ve Şura”.

Which project did he shine with? He attracted attention with the character of “Kavruk Ömer” in the TV series “Sefirin Kızı”.

His view of love: “Everything said to define love is both a little incomplete and a little exaggerated. If I have to exaggerate a little and leave a little short, I think love is the key that makes me realize that everything touches each other. I express my love by saying it day and night. I am very generous in this regard, and I never hesitate.”

How being a father has contributed to his life: “The first thing I felt when I became a father and the first thing I felt as a father did not happen at the same time. During the birth and even the next few hours I spent more worried for Ayşe and trying to be nice to her. I think the first thing I felt about fatherhood was fear. Müjgan slept in my lap at the hospital. I also fell asleep. Maybe two or three minutes of sleep. I remember being scared when I woke up in case I dropped her. Then, for a while, I was worried that I would always have the fear that something would happen to her. Both still have some anxiety, but the joy of fatherhood always outweighs. After becoming a father, all of my daily routines changed, but it didn’t make me feel like something had changed in my life. Maybe I prepared myself for this. Frankly, I did not encounter anything that I did not expect.”

First feature film: Hakan Algül/ Eyvah Eyvah

His outlook on life: “I was raised with the awareness that I should always be strong in life and be able to do everything on my own. That’s why I can’t ask for any help. This made me very tired. At this age, I am trying to learn how to ask for help. I think I will do my best so that my daughter Müjgan does not look like me in this regard. When you try to handle everything yourself, you naturally stumble a lot and that’s when you feel inadequate and powerless. I want Müjgan to weep when she falls and not suppress the need for consolation. I will never say to her, ‘Get up, it doesn’t hurt’.”


2021 – Destan / Batuga

2019 /2021– Sefirin Kızı / Kavruk Ömer

2018 – Yaşamayanlar / Şişman

2017 /2018 – Hayati ve Diğerleri /Üzeyir Hilmi Alaplı

2017- Seni Kimler Aldı/ Sinan

2017 – Yıldızlar Şahidim / Harun

2014 – Kurt Seyit ve Şura


2017 – Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Hayatta Kalma Sanatı / Kayra Agman

2010- Eyvah Eyvah/ Waiter


2019- Red Light Kışı / Director / Translator

2018- Yakaranlar / Actor

2017- Çirkin / Actor

2014- Sırça Hayvan Koleksiyonu / Tom

2013- Küskün Müzikal / Kuzen

2012- Annemin Cinayet Listesi / Nene

2011- Ölümüne / Actor

2008- İstanbul Efendisi / İrfan


2015- Afife Theater Awards / The Most Successful Young Generation Artist of the Year / Sırça Hayvan Collection

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