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Who is Feyyaz Duman? Height – Age – Series – Family

Feyyaz Duman was born on June 14, 1982 in Mardin. Turkish TV series and movie actor.

Name: Feyyaz Duman
Date of Birth: June 14, 1982
Place of Birth: Mardin
Height: 1.75 m.
Weight: 65 kg
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Eye color brown
Hair color is brown
Spouse: Zozan Şimşek
Siblings: Has 4 siblings
Pets: He has a dog.

Family: Born in Mardin, has 4 siblings. He and his family immigrated to Istanbul for economic reasons in the 80’s. “Most of the Kurds had gone to metropolitan cities due to forced migration. We came to Istanbul for economic reasons. I was five or six years old. We had made a very long journey. I remember him. My father still hasn’t accepted me to be an actor. He started contracting and he is trying to attract me. My mother is a very meticulous woman. We are five brothers and we all received appreciation and thanks. But it is more important for my mother that we do not pollute the floors. When he received an award for this, he said, “Well done.”

Childhood years: At the age of 6, he came to Istanbul from Mardin without knowing Turkish. He completed his education in Istanbul and also received language training in America. “I came to Istanbul at the age of six, I didn’t speak any Turkish. Since I started school directly, I did not have an integration problem. I completed my primary, secondary, high school and university education in Istanbul. I started acting in theater and cinema at the age of 16. After the university, I went abroad for education. Yes, I’ve improved myself a lot, but it’s not just me. It should not be arabesqueed like the news “TEOG came first while working in the field”. Mungan in Mardin Murathan, Turkey’s great intellectuals from. Nobel Prize winning scientist Aziz Sancar too. Some come to Istanbul for financial and other reasons. I’m just one of them. ”

Education life: After completing his education in Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory Folk Dance Department, he studied acting in New York. After staying 5 years in New York, he returned to Turkey.

How did he decide to become an actor? His father enrolled him in the Mesopotamia Cultural Center, but later opposed him to be an actor. After finishing high school, he left home, wanted to study acting but could not win. “When the military paper arrived, I hurriedly entered ITU and performed folk dances. Then I went to New York for my master’s degree. I took both language training and acting classes. Then I started my master’s at Brooklyn College. The American adventure was very difficult. I had difficulties both economically and in terms of language. When I first went, I did not know any English. On the one hand, I studied language and theater, on the other hand, I started working at the factory. So my English improved. ”

First step into acting: Although he had acted in many movies before, he started his television adventure with the series ‘Insider’ in 2016.

With which project did he shine? He drew attention to the character of “Arif”, which he played in the “Woman” series.

Mindset: He doesn’t mind being called a “Kurdish actor”. “Because I play Turkish, Kurdish and English too. Although I don’t speak French and Dutch, I memorized and played. Yes, I am ethnically Kurdish, but acting is not a job done over the ethnic identity to which you belong. When you play English on the other side of the world, your ethnic identity does not change, but you are still acting. As for fame, I think I am mature enough. Spoiling is the greatest evil one can do to oneself. It’s nice to be loved, admired, and praised for your work. After all, I haven’t just started acting, I’ve been there since I was 12 years old. Being popular did not change me psychologically, it just narrowed my range of action. I don’t like being in the spotlight. ”

The source of happiness: He is happy to be compared to the masters of Turkish cinema. “So far, they have likened it to Ahmet Mekin, Talat Bulut, Bulut Aras, Don Corleone, Freddie Mercury. It flatters my pride, but this is actually a ‘uniformization psychology’. There is a feeling of “we love you when you look like our loved ones”. I am against it.

First motion picture: Handan İpekçi / Büyük Adam Küçük Aşk

His view of life: Living in New York affected his view of life. His movies are shown in Cannes, but he doesn’t like to be very visible. “I don’t prefer to be very visible. If deemed appropriate, going to Cannes for your film and your participation in the festival are inherent in this profession. There is no exaggeration. I want everyone living in the world to see New York. Because it opens your mind, expands your vision. Not like Europe, for example, the nation-state mentality is more dominant there. So many cultures coexist in New York that you breathe a wide range of cultures. You see that cultures can coexist together. ”

View of business life: An actor who won four awards, including the “Best Actor Award”, was only recognized as Arif of the “Woman” series. Women admire him. He attributes his fame to the power of television. “This is about the power of television. People can now become a phenomenon on the internet and television. I’ve been in the cinema before and paid a lot for it. Both economically and persistently doing what I love. Because acting in this country is really weary. You usually enter a business to earn money. So it’s not that complicated. But acting is different. Until the age of 30, I couldn’t earn a penny from acting. My time was spent mostly with education, theater, playing for free in movies. It’s a tough job. Even more difficult for newbies. Because first you have to prove yourself. One should not be fooled by the popularity that television brings. Because it ends after a while. I know a lot of people, it was popular for a while and now they can’t do anything. ”

Career plan: He sees it as a chance to have come a long way in cinema before being recognized on television. “My biggest chance is that I became an actor first, then popular. First I play in theater and cinema, now on television. Turkey is not cinema, the series can be popular. I do not regret it, because I think I have made a distance in the cinema without switching to television. I am known abroad. I am not alienated there. Because the cinema industry has become very global. In Turkey, people do not know me. When you don’t play in dramas, you are the “no name” for television. ”

Dream of the Future: He wants to script his life story and shoot a movie in the future. “I have a background in Mardin, Istanbul and abroad. I was born in Mardin, “the land of religions and languages”. Istanbul is a city that blends many cultures. It’s been five years in New York, a small copy of the world. In fact, everyone has a lot of stories in their past, but it is important to be able to tell this. Of course, I want to script it in the future. I will not quit acting that I love so much until the end of my life, but I can shoot my stories in the following years.


2020– Nehir / Nazım

2017 / 2019- Woman / Arif

2017 – Insider / Serkan


2020 -Kovan / İlker

2018-Zor Bir Karar / Nezir

2017 – Never Leave Me / Adil

2017-Zagros /Zagros

2016- Haus Ohne Dach/ Taxifahrer Kaval

2014 – Annemin Şarkısı / Ali

2014 -Mardan /Morad

2013 – Tatlı Biber Diyarım / Jaffar Mohammed Emin

2011 – Si Tu Meurs, Je Te Tue /Azad

2008- What Time It Is (Short Film)

2001 – Büyük Adam Küçük Aşk / The waiter

2001- Fotoğraf /Faruk

1999- Boran (Short Film)


2014 – Sarajevo Film Festival / Best Actor Award / Annemin Şarkısı

2014 – 51st Golden Orange Film Festival / Best Actor Award / Annemin Şarkısı

2015 – Belgium International Film Festival / Best Actor Award / Annemin Şarkısı

2015 – Duhok Film Festival / Best Actor Award

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