Who is Hazar Ergüçlü? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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26 November 2022 10:01


Who is Hazar Ergüçlü? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Hazar Ergüçlü was born on 17 January 1992 in Nicosia, North Cyprus. She is a Turkish TV series and film actress.

Name: Hazar Ergüçlü
Date of Birth: January 1, 1992
Place of Birth: Cyprus, Nicosia
Length: 1.70 m.
Weight: 56 kilos
Zodiac: Capricorn
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Yusuf Ergüçlü, Ziya Ergüçlü
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hazarerguclu/

Family: Born and raised in Cyprus. Her mother is the director of Cyprus State Television BRT1 and her father is the Editor in Chief of Cyprus Newspaper. She has two brothers. Her father especially wanted her to study law abroad. “My mother supported me to be an actress, but my father is a very difficult person to deceive. At that time, she was looking at my acting effort as a ‘distraction’. In the meantime, I gave the English proficiency exam and applied to universities abroad. Acceptance came, but it was not possible to reject such a thing when Derviş Zaim received a movie offer. ”

Childhood years: She spent her childhood playing games on the street in the village. Since her parents worked, she grew up with her grandmother. “I was always with my grandmother on the weekends. I started going to the theater on a recommendation. I was a very easily affected and closed child. I wouldn’t have known, I was very cheerful, I had friends, but I wasn’t such an ultra popular and admired person. There was a production that paced, upset and battered himself. When I went to the theater, I learned not to feel embarrassed, to love, to be a better and happier person, and I said, “I wish my life was always like that.” I was 15 years old and a completely different world opened up to me. As a child of a journalist parent, I was not a person who read a lot, but after the theater, those texts and writings created an explosion in me. I became another person. I got out of staggering and found myself. ”

Education life: Graduated from Haliç University Conservatory Theater Department.

The turning point of her life: After school, she went to Nicosia Municipal Theater and felt happy there. Then, when she decided to study theater and started preparing for the conservatory exams, one day, Derviş Zaim came to the theater. “Dervish Zaim was looking for actors for his new movie,“ Shadows and Faces ”. When my instructors said, “You too go into audition,” I did not know what it was like to choose, to play in a movie, people watch you. Before I confronted him, “I wonder what I do, how I play?” I thought a lot. Of course, you want something ignorantly blind then, but you are not fully aware of the situation. They called me four more times. Every time I say, “I guess it won’t happen!” But in the end they said “OK”. The movie was shot, it became a gala, the lights turned off, and life started for me. Dervish Zaim is one of the turning points of my life. So is screenwriter Ece Yörenç, producer Kerem Çatay and director Nuri Bilge Ceylan. ”

First step to acting: She stepped into professional acting with the movie “Shadows and Faces” directed by Derviş Zaim.

Which project did it shine with? It attracted attention with its ‘Simay Canay’ character, which was portrayed in the series ‘North South’ in 2011.

Personality traits: Assertive, goal-oriented, hardworking.

Social: She enjoys spending time with her friends in her spare time.

Hobby: She is doing yoga. “I have not missed anything that is imperative in my life. I was a person who could not get up before 10.00 in the morning, now I am teaching at 08.00 in the morning. They used to say that yoga is something that every player has to do, I can’t be thankful for what I really started. ”

Mindset: She likes being in popular culture and independent cinema. It is not an ideological approach, but is concerned with the pleasure they both get from their dynamics. “We’re going to die. Life is not easy for anyone, so it is not easy for me. I am not a self-liked person. I did not appear on the screens with the claim that “I am beautiful”. On the contrary, I had the nightmare of ‘How do I play this’, everything happens. Someone is already interested in my image. I have never been an ambitious person. ”

Source of happiness: Having a chance to work with Nuri Bilge Ceylan and Derviş Zaim.

The first feature film: Dervish Zaim / Shadows and Faces

Definition of love: ” I am in love with life. Love is not just about people. I think the days when I didn’t feel love or excited were empty. When I fall in love, I cannot eat, sleep, talk, feel comfortable, contract, my tongue is held. I am very silly. While walking, I can hit and drop something, break and pour around. Not only when he is with him, but whenever I think of him. ”

Her outlook on life: She is afraid of making a mistake, but she is not running away from it. “Facing is nothing new to me. I catch myself in my moments of trying not to take risks and take them back to that risk point. I believe this job requires military discipline. Somehow you will be a little bit troubled, you will be tired. You will always deal with your heart and yourself. You do face! You will know who you are, what you are. I think talent is in direct proportion to your perception. By looking deeply, you will try to perceive everything, you will not be blind to life, you will observe and doubt. I have a legacy of dislike. I am a person who punishes himself very much and constantly looks for the error in himself. So you won’t be able to see me ego vomiting. I hope life does not change me. ”

Business perspective: She coordinates every second of her life according to her job. “It’s not as simple as it is thought. Aging quickly. It takes a lot of time to require human compromise, heavy psychological pressure. After a while, it becomes a way of life. I can’t even think of a moment independent of my profession. There is no question of acting separately from the audition. There are billions of differences between getting to know a person face to face and looking at that person’s photo, video, especially a make-up video. The people who will realize that project want to see you personally. If he will, he will take you to his project, not what you have sold before. Nobody cares about how talented you are or what important projects you have been to before. The material that will benefit her is another. Maybe he will find a feature that you have not shown on the screen until now, maybe you are not even aware of? Also, this is a test about how well you can control the pressure on it. And of course, the editors and the directors have a big share in the performances that do well. ”

Career plan: There is a career plan for abroad; “I will go abroad and improve myself and do my best. I will try to be extremely physically and mentally aware. I will go into trial shots without stopping. Because this tutorial, rein and lecturer. When I make a decision about my life, I scrutinize very often. Especially I sit and think about the business a thousand times. I think of the worst possible thing and decide accordingly. I think about everything, whatever happens. I have a melancholy side, like every Turk. ”

Future Dream : When she can adjust her time, she wants to do theater. “Learning in acting and life does not end. Since we are actually small particles, you can never say ‘I am’, you are constantly changing. I want to do theater, but I don’t want to be tired while doing this. I don’t want to get out of a drama and throw myself to the theater. I know the theater will train me a lot. ”

Who admires? Orhan Pamuk admires, loves all his books. “I always felt the weight with the desire to chase the story while reading it, but ‘A Strangeness in My Head’ was fantastic for me. I worshiped everything there. Even to the smallest detail … I read it without breaking, saying “Oh, get over here.”

The charm criterion in men: In a man, she is most affected by intelligence. “Men with elegant, fine wit witnesses me. I like the self-confident man, of course, but most men misunderstand the issue of self-confidence and often talk about it. They admire them. There is a great gap between what they show and what they are. I’m not talking about that. I like cool types that are like myself, happy men who are at peace with themselves. I want people around me who will not give negative energy to their surroundings, and will not cause mishaps and temper. ”

What does she do at home? In her spare time she likes to be lazy at home, watching movies and reading books.

Which movie was she influenced by? She watched the ‘Godfather’ (Father) series over and over.


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18th International Frankfurt Turkish Film Festival / Best Actress Award / Profit

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