Who is Leyla Tanlar? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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26 November 2022 14:14


Who is Leyla Tanlar? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Leyla Tanlar was born on December 13, 1997 in Istanbul. She is a Turkish serial actress.

Name: Leyla Tanlar
Date of Birth: December 13, 1997
Place of Birth: Istanbul
Length: 1.63 m.
Weight: 48 kilos
Zodiac: Release
Eye Color: Green
Siblings: Levin Tanlar
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leylatanlaar/
Pets: Has a dog

Family: Her grandmother is Italian, but also an Italian citizen. She has an older brother. She can make her own decisions since she was little. Her mother, father, and brother support her in everything. “My grandfather has been from Istanbul for generations. My mother is from Thessaloniki. My grandmother comes from a Levantine family. I am descended from a Pezaro, Italy, who stayed here to make the frescoes of the Saint Antuan Church in the 1800s. Some of my relatives still live in Florence. Although my father’s job is very different about the picture. Art was always in our lives, I was always supported. They never said, “Make it a hobby.” On the other hand, they do not understand my ambition of acting. Because time is passing very fast and I feel like I have to do something every year, or it feels like I’m missing something. ”

Childhood years: Acting childhood dream has been acting since she was 15 years old. Far from the city turmoil of Istanbul, it grew in touch with nature. “Behold, now they say,” Now kids can’t play in the street, “they couldn’t get me home in the evening when they were little. Though they can’t take it out now, it’s also separate. I grew up on the street, on a bike, skating, climbing trees, jumping with my dear dog and jumping. I was small, I had a role in a representation at home. It seems like the interest and appreciation I saw there.

Education life: She completed her secondary education at Şişli Terakki High School and her high school education at Private Italian High School. She continues her education at Koç University, Department of Media and Visual Arts. She also studied acting at the Academy 35 and a Half Art House.

First step to acting: She had her first acting experience with the ‘Shattered’ series published in 2014.

Which project did it shine with? It drew attention with the character ‘Deniz’, which it portrayed in the series ‘Falcon Crest’.

Personality traits: Perfectionist, ambitious, controlling, detailed.

Social: She doesn’t like nightlife, she doesn’t remember when she was last at a nightclub. “I don’t even like being outside when it gets dark. If I see one day outside, know that it is a very special day or someone forced me to go out. Even if I’m done early on the set, I run home. I don’t think I’m missing anything. Sometimes my mom says, “You might regret it in the future, if you came out a little.”

Mindset: Controlled, she wants to handle everything herself. “I’m a little controlled, which challenges me, but on the other hand, I don’t want to be more flexible either. I am happy to be like this, even though he pushes. ”

How is someone on the set? It always focuses on the stock left by it in all circumstances. “Being proud of being in that project and being happy on the set is the most important for me.”

Happiness: Life’s biggest gift to her; Her family, dog, childhood and upbringing.

Definition of love: “Love is not in the center of my life but in a beautiful place”

Her outlook on life: She’s definitely not a fatalist. “I always strive to the end. Nobody can be my hero! Even the thought of waiting for a hero, as I do not believe in heroes, seems impulsive to me. Because the hero of everyone’s life is himself. I am a very perfectionist and ambitious person. This is reflected in my whole life. I immediately become sincere with the person my energy holds, but there is no opportunity to get to know too many new people outside of work. ”

Business perspective: She doesn’t think life gets harder as fame increases. “When I started working, I was 15-16 years old, I could not perceive any changes much. It was a natural process in which I grew up. I admire people who work, produce, and are strong in every profession. I always enjoy enjoying the success stories of the people I meet. ”

Career plan: Cinema is one of my biggest dreams. “I always had cinema before the series. I especially love period films and I would love to take part in such projects. I am an Italian citizen, and my interest in European cinema and festivals is endless. Cinema is my biggest goal and I want to achieve this goal abroad. I had been filming with Ferzan Özpetek in Italy, which I had established in my mind since my childhood. It was very difficult to realize in the past, but I never gave up on my dream and I will not give up. I would love to do something fun and funny in the cinema. Because people haven’t seen me with my natural and funny side yet. I want to see my funny, funny and energetic aspects to take part in such different projects in the future. ”

Future Dream : She is studying Archeology and Art History as a minor at the university. “Archeology is a great passion for me. The biggest dream of acting, using my advantage to introduce Turkey’s archaeological values. For example, if we go to Göbeklitepe, if we shoot and introduce shots there. Because young people are enthusiastic about this, introducing our country is something young people will approach with passion. I would like to introduce to young people in Turkey. We have such a beautiful country … The excavations are always in the hands of foreigners, let’s go, let’s do, introduce them. I want to relate my education and my work to each other. ”

Role model: No role model, they have goals. “The role model would be a very ambitious statement, but if it were, it would be very comfortable indeed. I think that having someone you are trying to look like is an obstacle for people to see their limits and potential. So I don’t have a role model, I have goals that I set for myself. ”

Who does she admire? Roberto Benigni, Claudia Cardinale, Sophia Loren. “Especially the fact that Sophia Loren looked like my grandmother, whom I had no chance to meet, was fascinating for me. I have a very special place in me. ”

The charm criterion for men: She finds men who respect and support what they want to do.

What does she do at home? Someone more domestic. She spends most of her time at home, except set. She is obsessed with healthy eating, makes her meals at home, takes him with him on the way to the set. “My family is also mad, but they’re not fed so hard. There is no sugar, oil or white flour in my life. I don’t eat pasta. I make cakes from quinoa and coconut flour, and bread from chickpea flour. My favorite thing; After a busy set day or a hard exam, come home and go under the blanket.

Which movie was she influenced by? La Vita è Bella


2019- Ferhat and Şirin / Şirin

2018 – Falcon Crest / Deniz Akdora

2018- Mehmed The Conqueror / Esleme

2014 / 2017– Shattered / Cansu

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