Who is İpek Bilgin? Height – Age – TV Series – Family
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5 October 2022 12:51


Who is İpek Bilgin? Height – Age – TV Series – Family

Fatma İpek Bilgin was born on 24 March 1956 in Istanbul. She is a Turkish theater actress, theater play director, actor and translator. İpek Bilgin, who is essentially a theater actor, has acted in many movies and television series besides the theater. Ankara State for many years. She worked at the Theater.

First name: Fatma İpek Bilgin
Date of Birth: March 24, 1956
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Length: 1.58 m.
Weight: 55 kilos
Zodiac: Aries
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Spouse: Cüneyt Çalışkur (passed away)
Child: Çağ Çalışkur
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ipekbilginipek

Family: Married to playwright, director and theater artist Cüneyt Çalışkur, her husband passed away in 2011. She has a daughter named Çağ, and her daughter is a theater artist and also the founder of Craft Theater.

Childhood Years: “The most wonderful part of my family was a disastrous democratic family and I had a father who likes to think. But a mechanical engineer. Therefore, their response to theaters is “What kind of hours do you work, what will be the theater?” It was in shape. Whether you think about it with your father’s mind, I was at some ages and I asked “What am I doing now in this life?” But over time, I found answers to myself. People are hunting in the origin, but then they realize that someone made beautiful paintings to the cave. They say, “You paint the pictures here, we give you to hunt,” they say. So I realized that it had a function since time immemorial. ”

Professional Life: Worked for many years at Ankara State Theater. She lectured at the Ankara University DTCF Acting Department and trained many students. She is also a translator and theater director, “Don’t Role Please” book by Eric Morris and Joan Hotchkis and Eric Morris’ ‘Untouched Acting, Acting, Workmanship Process’ books from English to Turkish.

Educational life: She studied Fine Arts. İpek Bilgin explained that period as follows: “I wanted to be an actor since my childhood. When I started college, my mom and dad got sick and my dad didn’t let me study at the Fine Arts, he asked me to do something else. That’s why I pretended to be doing what my father wanted from me for 1-2 years. ”

With which project did it shine? The actress, who is essentially a theater actor, became known throughout the country thanks to the television series, where she began to play a late role. The Knife Tread, Maral, 20 Minutes and Ezel are some of these series.

Personality traits: Hardworking, mischievous, witty, humorous.

Relationship with her daughter: They often have conflicts of opinion. “We ignite in the most indispensable parts of perception of life. Our way of building is similar. Building a game, a relationship with a person … But we fight a lot. The first to see is “What did we fall into?” he says rightly. We missed one player like this! They later realize that it is really a conflict of opinion … ”

Hobbies: Skiing, tennis, ice skating, piano “I have a room full of tennis trophies. For example, I took the ice skate out of the mortise, that Yıldırım Türker said to me, “Are you getting ready for the Olympics?” “When the ice skating slipped for eight hours.”

Mindset: “You learn the first deception from your family”; The word of Elif Şafak. They persuade the child and say, “We will not, we will not,” and circumcision. A very specific example. I am not for anything sanctified. This does not mean that we hate our mother-father. The best human recipe is the person who can be the same everywhere. With the Queen of England and the doorman … She’s a journey. The family is one of them. ”

How’s that on the set? Realistic. “I’m not a positist in my job, I’m a negativist. So sometimes I say “Come on,” and try to act positively so that I can relax. But I never lie. So I would never say good to something that isn’t. ”

Happiness: To take part in the play directed by her daughter. “It is a wonderful feeling, Çağ does its job very well. For example, these are the surprises you never expected in life. “God says it right,” you say, “it leads me”. You really can’t believe it at that point. Çağ has a very confident state, “No, this is so,” she says. “How is she so sure?” I say to myself. I can’t be so sure. “I wonder?” I do. She took her direction from her father. ”

First feature film: Cem Yılmaz- Ali Taner Baltacı / Hokkabaz

Definition of love: The perspective of love is different; “The word love seems a little different to me. Whatever it is, it’s a sexually explicit word up to 60. Since you experience hormonal changes after 60, you look at life and the concept of love differently. However, I am in favor of not closing the door in flirting, but she is 60 years old. The previous ones cannot understand this, the 20’s and 30’s cannot. Actually, there is something more robust, different from the fact that you are more dominant in life, so getting lost in those old loves. It is very important to be able to describe it and establish it. ”

Her view on theater and TV: “I love the series because it’s a great acting workout. You have to play instantly, not after such long preparations. Then you learn to play as you can go everywhere. It is very important to show courage there. If you can play this side boldly as if you could go to the other side, it is noticed immediately. Otherwise, it turns out a strange acting. We are trying to go further into the word in the theater, for example, if we are sad, we are trying to open up to places like sadder or sadder so that the actors have gone for them, whether it is visual, it can be watched, the way people do not go easily. ”

Her view of the profession: “A journey that you have to feed constantly. “Learning in this profession does not end. You know, art is long, life is short. For example, I have understood very much, for example, if I have a coach other than the director, if I hold on to him, if he helps me. There can be no hierarchy in art. Because I’m throwing in front of you, that’s Picasso. She is seventeen years old, but Picasso. Nothing is as silly as waiting for him to say “my teacher”. Whatever you do, you cannot pass it, you have as many years as you want. ”

Her view of business life: “Until some time of my life, I was not very busy with popular culture. But then you have to admit that this now constitutes an inevitable percentage of life, and even that percentage has increased. So I suppose you shouldn’t stay away from TV, I thought. But let me say one of the most important factors, money. Because I started getting four times my salary. ”

Are there any roles he can not forget on stage? ‘Dario Fo’. And “He can’t forget his roles in Shamata in the Moonlight. “’Dario Fo’ has been a lot of me, because I played it for three years. For example, when someone congratulated, I would not know what to do. It was the first time that I received so many greetings that I said, “Let me be shy,” I learned there just to thank. Also, when I first started working on Eric Morris, there was a game I played, I had to be embarrassed somewhere, in 99 of 100 games, I was cut red. “In the Light of the Moon”. There was also a role that I played deaf deaf in “Laundry”, where I got the best critique of my life. “Does he get as much money as you do?” they asked. They really thought me a fortified. ”

Dream of the Future: She wants to play comedy. “I want to play definitive comedy now. Let Gülse Birsel hear me. I will even resist, wait. I liked Gülse’s movie because, I had a lot of fun, everyone was very successful. Turkey is playing a very big role Gülse Birsel’s life. ”

Who admires? To the talented artists. “In that group, for example Engin Günaydın, Demet Akbağ, Metin Akpınar and even Haluk Bilginer, you can distinguish them from the head. There is no need for them to go to school. I am from the group that has raised itself because I have been very interested in the subject and have never left the subject. Okay, I have a player inside, I play for hours, play cards, never get bored, play chess, any game you can think of. But it’s not like theirs, mine. Mine is work, work, do, do, as much as it is. ”


2019- One Love Two Lives
2017- Istanbul Red / Güzin
2013- Meryem / Emine
2013- Dream of the Butterfly / Muzaffer’s Mother
2013- Government Woman / Kamuran
2012 Carnival / Gülay
2006- Juggler
2006- The Chinese Are Coming / Leyla
2005- Two Young Girls / Pharmacist


2017- Bride of Istanbul / Esma
2014- Heart Works
2015- Mothers and Mothers / İsmet
2015- Maral / Canan (Scissors Canan)
2013- 20 Minutes / Muavvin Süreyya
2012- Dark Red
2012- Leyla’s House / Burcu Yıldız
2010- Leaf Casting / Judge
2009-2010 – Ezel: Uluç Bayraktar – Meliha Uçar
2007 / 2008- Knife Back / Rana
2005 / 2006- Thief Police / Maide


2014- Heart Knot: David Eldridge, – Craft Theater
2012- Venue: Philip Ridley – Craft Theater
2011- Festen / Celebration in Dotcollection
2009- Pornography Theater Dot The 5th game of the 2008- Shoot Swag Re-series: I Do Everything For Love But I Can’t Do It / Marion
2008- The 6th Game / Main of the Shoot Swag Re-series
2007- The War Will Be On The Second Screen: Oldrich Danek – Istanbul State Theater Anicka, Landecka
2004- An Ordinary Day
1998- Deers Curses: Murathan Mungan – Ankara State Theater
1996- Gılgameş: Zeynep Avcı – Ankara State Theater
1991- Laundry House: D. Durvin – Ankara State Theater
1988- Sıla (play): Horton Foote – Ankara State Theater
1998- The Iceberg is Coming: Eugene O’Neill – Ankara State Theater
1983- Who Decides: Brian Clark – Ankara State Theater

GAMES directed

2005- Prisoner of İkici Street: Neil Simon – Eskişehir City Theaters
2004- Egg with Cheese: Ferenc Karınthy – Bursa State Theater


1978 – Love Is Enough For Me / Love Does Not End
1979 – Because of Black Love / No Flower


2000 – 48th Art Foundation Theater Awards – Best Actress Award (shared with Aylin Damcığlu)

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