Series News The two giant actors of İstanbullu Gelin are coming together in a new project!

The two giant actors of İstanbullu Gelin are coming together in a new project!

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İstanbullu Gelin, the first TV series adapted from Gülseren Budayıcıoğlu’s novel, started to come to the screen in 2017 and took Turkey by storm when it was aired. The two very important actors of the series, which tells the story of a stormy love and a deep-rooted family, are getting ready to come together in a new project.

İstanbullu Gelin, telling about the love of a young musician woman and the son of a rich family in Bursa, attracted great attention not only in Turkey but also abroad. In addition to Aslı Enver and Özcan Deniz, there were experienced actors such as İpek Bilgin, Salih Bademci and Fırat Tanış in the İstanbullu Gelin.

Almost three years after the end of İstanbullu Gelin, two important actors are coming together in a new project. Aslı Enver, who plays Süreyya in the series, and İpek Bilgin, who gives life to her mother-in-law Esma, will appear together in the theater play Sırça.

There is no statement about the theatrical play yet. Aslı Enver and İpek Bilgin had previously worked together in a theater play. İpek Bilgin was the coach of Aslı Enver in the theater play named Personel.

By the way, Aslı Enver did not step on the sets of the TV series again after Babil, where she acted two years ago. Enver, who was not involved in any project for a long time due to the pandemic, also took a role in a movie called Sen Yaşamaya Bak. It is obvious that Enver chose this time for the theater, not the TV series.

Aslı Enver announced that she had completed filming in a statement she made a while ago. The talented actress said that she was waiting for the right project to return to the sets.