Who is Kemal Uçar? Height - Age - Series - Family
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4 February 2023 09:01


Who is Kemal Uçar? Height – Age – Series – Family

Kemal Uçar was born on March 29, 1985 in Adana. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actor and screenwriter.

Name: Kemal Uçar
Date of Birth: March 29, 1985
Place of Birth: Adana
Height: 1.74 m.
Weight: 64 kg
Horoscope: Aries
Eye color brown
Hair color is black
Siblings: Has a brother
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ucarkemal/

His childhood years: He spent his childhood in Adana, he wanted to be a host when he was little. “My biggest dream since childhood was not acting but acting as a presenter.”

Education life: He studied primary and high school in Adana. He graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Language, History and Geography, Department of American Language and Literature. Later, he completed his master’s degree on Advanced Acting at Bahçeşehir University.

How did he start acting? He started acting as an extra in TRT. “The most fun times of my life, as well as the periods when I did not know what I was doing, were my Ankara years. I was working as an extra in TRT TV series in Ankara. I was going to the set and watching the actors to learn the work. I didn’t know anything technical, I got most of it behind the set. ”

First step into acting: He started his television adventure with the character ‘Cihan’ in ‘Back Streets’.

With which project did he shine? He drew attention with the character of ‘Mert’ he played in the ‘Ezel’ series.

Personality traits: Likes to read, sincere, honest, sympathetic. “I read seriously. I participate in conversations with friends, but I sleep a little. It happens that I sleep two to three hours in three days. I feel much more comfortable in the home environment. I have a saying like “I am the most modest person in the world”, I am a cheerful man. I want to enjoy my job. I try to be positive in general. I try to be a little more calm as I get older. So I know I’m calming down while yelling. ”

Personal development: Although he started his acting career sarcastically, he did his Master of Advanced Acting at Bahçeşehir University to improve himself. “Political Science and Ankara Art Theater had something great for me. I read all the books to be read in that process. But I was always telling myself ‘Let me develop this academically as well.’ Bahçeşehir University was taking an acting exam for the license. I wanted to fill that gap academically and taste the atmosphere of that school. Because I miss those who study at the conservatory. I am glad I read it. ”

Mindset: He thinks that being a graduate of literature has made a great contribution to his acting. “Literature is very important to me. I can say that I support all my acting. It is also what supports my emotional delusion. That’s why I read that chapter. Fortunately, I read that section. Because although it looks like I haven’t studied acting, it’s a section that supports it tremendously. I believe in evil eyes a lot and I have rituals so that the evil eye does not touch it. I definitely don’t get lead shed, but I always make my mother and my pilgrim grandmother pray. ”

First movie: Murat Şeker / Çakallarla Dans

View of life: He tries to progress step by step on the way he draws. “I am a man who has not yet matched, intersected with the characters he played. Also, I am someone who is trying to live in Adana as a person. ”

His attitude to business life: “I did amateur theater while I was studying at the Faculty of Political Sciences. Then I took part in Ankara Art Theater. But I never planned to do it so professionally. I always had a desire to act. Therefore, the taste I got while doing theater was always different. This request is so great that I want to do theater with an amateur theater group. I have a playful side that gives life to the characters. ”

Career plan: He writes a script and wants his writings to be displayed one day. He also wants to be behind the camera in the future. “Since there are different types of roles, I said ‘Since my hand is holding a pencil’, I started writing a movie and TV series script. I wrote a small role for myself in cinema, but I have an important role in the series. If one day there is an opportunity and I play, so if they find a good cast from me, they will put it. By the way, I want to play funny roles. I would like to be a good character of a sit-com. I also have a desire to be behind the camera. I want to be in different parts of television than acting. I also wrote a TV show.

I just say ‘no’ to projects that I cannot identify with myself. The audience accepting you as an actor is a hard-to-break shell, and I just broke it. The audience says, “Yes, this is a child actor.” I can play any role after a certain period of time. For now, I don’t want to get into things that could be very sharp, but if I love it, I will go in, I can’t stop. ”

Dream of the Future: He has an essay on a storybook, he also writes poems and wants to publish them into a book. “We wrote a script, now I have a storybook experiment. We have a situation to publish a poetry book with my brother. These are things I love outside of my acting. ”

Who does he admire? He admires Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, with whom he previously acted together in the TV series ‘Ezel’ and played his brother. “Kenan İmirzalıoğlu is a great brother, a great role model. He is from Ankara like we are from Anatolia, and I am from Adana. In that respect, we are very similar to each other emotionally. He’s already a great actor and a very handsome man. He is a very intelligent man who has studied mathematics. He came here because he was constantly improving himself. I also felt handsome because I played your brother. He’s a very charismatic guy. ”

Which team is supporting: Fan of Adana Demirspor. “I am from Adana and I am fanatic from Adana Demirspor. Orange and white colors of Adanaspor and whatever happens, I will not bring them together. ”

Does it follow fashion? He says that he always wears a suit in his daily life and that this situation passed to him from his father. “I always wear a suit in my daily life. My father wears a tie even when he goes to play joker with his friends in the neighborhood. This habit passed to me from my father. I wouldn’t go out without a suit. ”

Which movie was he affected by? He remembers crying a lot when he watched the movie Rocky 2.

His favorite poets: “My poet is Nazım Hikmet who guides my life. Cemal Süreyya, I love Özdemir Asaf very much. American authors include Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller. ”

Favorite music genre: Müslüm Gürses loves songs. “I love to listen to Müslüm Gürses, but I cried in Halil Sezai’s Galata song while listening to a song because of my mood.


2020- Lost Youth / Veysi Bozoğlu

2018- Can Kırıkları / Zeki Sarı

2017- Neredesin Birader (Where Are You Brother) / Cüneyt

2016- Yüzyıllık Mühür / Durmuş

2014- Seven Beautiful Men / Nuri Pakdil

2013- Prisoners’ Wives / Murat

2011- Yamak Ahmet / Yamak Ahmet

2009-2010- Ezel / Mert

2008- Sınıf (Class) / Selçuk

2006- Back Streets / Cihan


2020- Moral Compensation/ Tamer

2020- Muhteşem Üçlü

2019- Kapan

2019- Akıllara Seza / Okan

2018- Cin-i Ayet

2018- Kan Parası / Tamer

2017- Bütün Saadetler Mümkündür/ Ali

2016- Hasret Bitti

2015- Adı: Yunus/ Cem

2015- Tut Sözünü/ Bahadır

2014- Aşk Oyunu / Cevat

2013- Hükümet Kadın/ Komutan Celal

2010- Çakallarla Dans/ Yücel


2020- Dublörün Hikâyesi / Player / Director / Screenwriter

2015- Siz Tek Ben Hepiniz

2013- 100 / Player

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