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Who is Miray Daner? Height – Age – Series – Family

Miray Naz Daner was born on January 15, 1999 in Istanbul. Turkish TV series, cinema and theater actress.

Name: Miray Naz Daner
Date of Birth: January 15, 1999
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.64 m.
Weight: 55 kg
Horoscope: Capricorn
Eye Color: Green
Mother: Figen Dilgin
Siblings: İpek Nur Daner
Pets: Her dog Mocha.

Childhood years: There are already theater artists in his family, but interestingly, she started acting at the insistence of a friend of her mother. She first appeared in the commercial when he was only seven years old. “Just as I was excited when I first started, I still feel the same excitement every day of the set today. Set is the place where I rest, find peace and be happy. The first movie I played was ‘Dersimiz: Atatürk’, which I starred at when I was 11 years old. Atatürk was played by Halit (Adolescent) Abi. The first time I saw him, he was wearing Atatürk’s makeup. I was standing in front of Mustafa Kemal, I was out of breath, my heart was shivering, I was trembling like a leaf. I cannot describe the pride I feel for being in front of Atatürk in my child’s heart. Moreover, it was a very exciting and unforgettable experience to portray Sabiha Gökçen’s childhood. That’s why it has a special place for me. ”

Education life: She graduated from Fine Arts High School Music Department.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure at the age of 7 with the character of ‘Doll Nergis’ in the ‘Rag Doll’ series.

With which project did she shine? In 2015, she drew attention with the character “Beren Beylice”, which he played in the “Tides’ (Medcezir) TV series.

Personality traits: Friendly, sociable, funny, hardworking, humorous.

Mindset: Being famous and fame don’t mean much to her. “I don’t perceive myself as if I am famous or famous. We can express this as being known. Being known allows me to take the reflections of my work, which enables me to get an idea of ​​how well I can do that job and improve myself correctly .I have never been someone who wanted more to be happy. If you do not know how to be happy with what you have, happiness will always be one step away from you and you will become an insatiable person. Health and peace first; I think this is the first condition of happiness. ”

Happiness: The attention of fans is the biggest source of happiness. “When we met on the street, they were surprised by a great surprise, ‘Oh, but how weak you are’. Also, a gentleman on the ferry came to me and said, “You are considered my daughter, we have been watching you since the series My Daisy (Papatyam). You grew up in our house.” This was one of the most emotional and pleasing comments for me. ”

First motion picture: Hamdi Alkan / Dersimiz: Atatürk

The person she admires: Metin Akpınar. “I admire Uncle Metin. He is extremely sophisticated, knowledgeable, involved in everything around him. Also, I envy her being in good communication and acting. ”

Her gaze on love: “For me, love is the way that love is felt at the top. Not all love can be described as love. If love is above all the interests of a material-spiritual person like blood circulating in the veins, then love can be spoken of and I think love cannot be experienced only between men and women. It can be heard in everything in the world that surrounds you. This can be a flower that you labor and grow, a cat or a dog. I think that since I read, watched and listened, the loves experienced in the past were less curtained and naive. Old loves that have allowed love to destroy all selfishness. In today’s age of technology and speed, everything is flowing very fast. We consume everything very fast. This includes emotions; We may have begun to live a little more robotically. ”

View of life: She does what she wants to do most where se wants to be and is always grateful for it.

Her attitude to business life: She is careful not to identify herself with the character she plays. “I have been in this industry since the age of seven. Of course, although care has been taken to ensure that my working hours are suitable for my age, I have often gone to the set instead of going home from school. For example, I would study between the scenes, Uncle Metin (Akpınar) would check my homework. He would retell my mistakes. How many children would this be? The names I have worked with have been a great blessing to me. Looking at it like this, I feel lucky compared to my peers. Maybe I played less games, maybe slept less, but instead of lacking, I improved and completed more. I have always done my job fondly. Maybe that’s why the difficulties never caught my eye, didn’t force me. ”

Career plan: She plans her career with his manager Tümay Özokur in line with her professional goals. “At this point, I don’t want to quit acting and art until acting leaves me. But I want to study in a field that can contribute to my acting. Right now, I think this could be mostly psychology or sociology. ”

Future Dream: She wants to portray extreme characters. Among the roles she would like to play the most is a “mentally ill” role.

Concerns: “Which of us has no worries about the future in the age we live in? It concerns and worries me about everything that goes wrong or goes wrong in the society I live in. ”

Role model: Her mother. “My mother is my secret hero, whenever I turn around she is always there.”

Who does she admire? Fans that historic character of Turkey’s first female spy Emine Adalet Pee.

The male attractiveness criterion: She finds men attractive, smart, hardworking and witty.

Relationship with nature: She likes to spend time in nature with her friends. Gathering around the campfire and having fun can be the perfect weekend plan for her.

Hobby: She dances pole dance.

What does she do at home? She lives with her family. She also has a dog. She loves the neighborhood and home she lives in. “Every corner of my home gives me peace. But especially at home, I have a place where I can do my dance training and listen to records, this is my favorite corner. ”

Which movie was he affected by? ‘Babam ve Oğlum is one of the films that he was most influenced by its story and acting.

What does she wonder the most? She wants to get to know Aborigines from an early age and experience their lives.

What does she spend money on? It’s not too wasteful, but there are times when it comes to the limit when it comes to clothes.


2020 – Respect / Helen
2019/2020 – The Protector: Hakan / Kahin
2018- One Liter of Tears- (Cihan) (TV Series)
2018 / 2019- One Liter of Tears / Cihan Yürekli
2016/2018 – Wounded Love / Hilal
2013/2015 – Tides (Med Cezir)/ Beren Beylice
2012/2013 – Hello Life / Dünya
2012 – When the Bell Rings (Ziln Çalınca) / Duygu
2012- The Hunt When the Bell Rings (Zil Çalınca Avı) / Miray
2010 – 1 Woman and 1 Man (1 Kadın 1 Erkek) / Zeynep’s childhood
2009/2011 – My Daisy (Papatyam) / Gonca
2008 – Rag Doll / Doll Nergis


2018 – Hürkuş: Göklerdeki Kahraman/ Selin

2013 – Arkadaşım Max /Melda

2010 – Çınar Ağacı /Pelin

2010 – Dersimiz: Atatürk /Sabiha Gökçen’in çocukluğu


2010- Sürç-i Lisan Etti-isek Affola / Tiyatro Ahali

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