Who is Murat Yıldırım? Height - Age - Series - Family
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29 March 2023 20:27


Who is Murat Yıldırım? Height – Age – Series – Family

Murat Yıldırım was born on April 13, 1979 in Konya. Turkish TV series, cinema, theater actor and presenter.

Name: Murat Yıldırım
Date of Birth: April 13, 1979
Place of Birth: Konya
Height: 1.82 m.
Weight: 72 kg
Horoscope: Aries
Eye color brown
Hair color is black
Mother: Hayat Yıldırım
Father: Mehmet Salih Yıldırım
Spouse: Iman Elbani
Child: None
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrtyldrm/

Family: His mother and father are originally from Mardin, Arab and Kurdish descent. His father is a Turkish teacher, his mother is a housewife. He was born in Konya because of his father’s teaching job. He married for the second time on November 13, 2016 with the Moroccan actor Imane Elbani, whom he met in London. The couple has no children.

Childhood years: He spent his childhood in Şemsi Tabrizi District in Konya. primary school grew up in the village until 5. “It is interesting to be a teacher child in the village. You are like a prime child. You are not kidding, not talking everything. Because the teacher is very important, I hope it is important now. I would say “Friends, I am your friend, I will not tell my father”. I always wanted to be like other children. Sitting in different places is something I was used to from my childhood, and my high school years were also spent in Adana. Then Istanbul. You suffer at first, but it also brings a lot. I was a census officer when I was in college. It was the greatest experience of my life. You leave a door and the opposite door is not even 4 steps and it is a completely different world. You understand how everyone’s realm is different. I love meeting new people and going to new places. ”

Education life: He graduated from Yıldız Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department. Since he was interested in theater and music, he joined Yıldız Technical University Actors (YÜO) and played in theater as an amateur for 3 years.

The first step to acting: He started his television adventure with the series ‘We Are Together Even Though We Split'(Ayrılsak da Beraberiz)b

With which project did he shine? He drew attention with the character “Mesut”, which he portrayed in the “All My Children” series.

Mindset: He states that his biggest test in life is his goodwill. He thinks that all good and bad things are related to governing his good will. “There was a long time I couldn’t manage and I experienced the biggest pain of my life in those times. I was the one who allowed it, I always fought, but my goodwill always won.

What kind of person is he on set? He’s doing the best he can do in all my work. However, he does not like to think about issues such as “What day will the show air?”, “What will be its rating?” “Because I can’t help it. I do what I have to do, I do not interfere with the aftermath. ”

The source of happiness: The friends he has made in life are the greatest source of happiness. “My best friend in life is my brother, a doctor from Adana. He is also a sociologist. My dear friend, my brother, my friend, my dear liver. He is the one who taught me true love, true friendship. We still meet often and have long conversations. I have always been brothers in my life. I liked to sit and talk with people older than myself. Because being a student is good in life. ”

First motion picture: Yılmaz Erdoğan / Organize İşler

The look of love: I am in love with my wife like the first day. The greatest gift in life is Imane. I spend the happiest days of my life with him. It was given to me as the greatest gift of my good will. The greatest good I do to myself is to love Faith. Faith is the greatest favor fate has done to me. The gain of all my good intentions that I lost. ”

His view of life: He tries to look at life positively, makes an effort to approach events with good intentions and good thoughts. “There is no faultless person. It is obvious that we were created to make mistakes. We have wishes, we have minds. I think everything is perfect in life. I love being together with people who look at life positively and looking at life with hope. After all, I’m trying not to forget that life is beautiful. ”

Perspective on business life: He defines acting as a profession that takes people on a journey, reminds them over and over again, and connects with their past. However, there were times when he was unhappy and wanted to do other things. “At first, I was wondering whether my profession was acting or not. I had questions like “Does it match my character?” As far as I remember, I took care of it within myself during the “Rebel” period. I love what I do. If someone says “You are doing well” for what you are doing, it’s best to just say thank you. It is also unnecessary to praise yourself. When I come and watch myself, if I love that scene, I thank the conditions that make it up. If you praise the art that the artist made, he will perform his art better. After all, I have a desire to do this art. I sometimes say ‘I played well’ without getting myself too big. But of course I sometimes criticize it. I sincerely tell the producer and the actor I will work with that I want to work together. One should tell what’s inside. It is now up to him to think what the other person will think, it is out of you. Since the actor is not himself, he can approach the character a little more objectively, more brutally and realistically. He gives his heart there. Because it is a profession that takes people on a journey. ”

Career plan: He listens to the voices of his heart along with his experiences in project selection. He has never acted in any of the scenarios he did not like. “I have a friend that I love to exchange ideas with. But everything is to a certain extent. There is a part of life that you do not know, and that includes later work. I have a good manager who can also manage any problems that may arise. ”

Dream of the Future: To the dreams he has desired until today. But he always has new goals. “Not without setting goals. My first goal is to be happy. Being a good wife, a good father and a good person. I don’t set goals related to my job. I always have short-term goals so that I can reach bigger goals. My current goal is to take part in a project where I can proudly represent my country abroad. ”

What would happen if there was no actor? He studied engineering but would have been a doctor if he wasn’t an actor. “My mother was right, and I realized at later ages that being a doctor is a profession close to my nature. Maybe at this age, I could become a businessman after what I learned. Acting was not a profession I had in mind, but I loved it and continued with that love. In life, I know that I want to do well and enjoy whatever I do. Because a person’s job covers a large part of his life. There is nothing that man cannot handle, as long as he wants to. Then all doors are opened. “Hobby: Writing with a friend. “My friend also wrote novels and scripts. We produce with it. Something might happen in the future. We are enjoying it right now. ”

How does he keep his shape? He does not diet, but he eats healthily and also does sports. “The diet is going to get a little slimmer. One is therapeutic and the other is medicine for prevention. I prefer some protection. I completely removed carbohydrates, sugar and salt from my life. I don’t eat bread and rice at all. I eat meat, protein, vegetables. I stay away from sugar-containing vegetables and carrots. I rarely eat dessert. I am doing sports.”


1999 We Are Together Even Though We Split

2003 Life Science (Hayat Bilgisi7

2003-Immortal Love (Ölümsüz Aşk) / Sedat

2004-All My Children / Mesut

2004- Big Lie (Büyük Yalan) / Okan

2006/2007 – Storm / Ali

2007/2009 -Asi / Demir Doğan

2009 – Where Are You Love (Ey Aşk Neredesin?) / Police (Guest Actor)

2010/2011 – Love and Punishment / Savaş Baldar

2010- Back Streets

2012-Game Of Silence / Ecevit-Şerif

2016-Queen of the Night / Kartal Sakallıoğlu

2020- Ramo / Ramo


2005 -Organize İşler

2006-Araf / Cenk

2009 -Güz Sancısı /Behçet

2014 -Kırımlı /Sadık Turan

2015 -Kocan Kadar Konuş /Sinan

2016 -Kocan Kadar Konuş: Diriliş /Sinan

2017-Sonsuz Aşk /Can

2017 -Ayla /Üsteğmen Mesut

2017 -İlk Öpücük / Hakan

2018- Scorpion/ Yassin

2020- Dumlupınar: Vatan Sağolsun



Salaklar Sofrası / Cheval


2012- Giuseppe Sciacce Awards / Cinema and Theater Category

2016- Murex D’or / Best Foreign Actor

2016- MGD Golden Lens Awards / Best Movie Actor

2019-9. Lyon Festiculture Event / Favorite Actor

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