Who is Seda Bakan? Height - Age - Series - Family
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30 March 2023 11:01


Who is Seda Bakan? Height – Age – Series – Family

Seda Bakan was born on 10 October 1985 in Kocaeli. Turkish TV series and movie actress.

Name: Seda Bakan
Date of Birth: October 10, 1985
Place of Birth: İstanbul
Height: 1.71 m.
Weight: 58 kg
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair color is brown
Father: Kasım Bakan
Spouse: Ali Erel
Child: Leyla Erel
Siblings: Kaan Bakan
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sedabakan/

Family: Her mother’s side is from Thessaloniki, her father’s side is from Sarajevo. She has an older brother. She married musician Ali Erel on October 4, 2014. The couple has a daughter named Leyla. Due to her parents’ request to “have a diploma in your hand”, she studied in the department where her score was held at the university, but never did her profession. “It was not a job I could do foreign trade. I knew that. However, families want their children, especially daughters, to do a decent job. My mother and my father said to me “have a decent job, do whatever you want later”. I also first finished my school and then did what I wanted. I found my way. They supported me a lot in this decision. ”

Education life: She graduated from Sakarya University Foreign Trade Department. She studied acting at TÜRVAK Cinema – TV Training Center.

First step into acting: She started her television adventure with the TV series ‘I Have to You’. (Sana Mecburum)

With which project did she shine? ‘Behzat Ç. She drew attention with the character “Eda”, which she portrayed in an Ankara Police series.

Personality traits: Fun, crazy, energetic, funny. “I am a very genius, a neighborhood boy, after all. Nobody can fool me so easily because I grew up in the neighborhood. Okay, my humor and affection is very strong, but that’s exactly why I understand everything right away. If the other person tries to make fun of me, for example, I will immediately feel it. I allow that too. Because I love to make fun of myself and let it be done with me. I also enjoy this. But not without malicious intent. I have an imbalance within myself but I don’t bother anyone. I always try to get my shallow spots out. I always walk around the house to see how I can play better. My mother is most surprised by this situation. ”

Mindset: She thinks she has the characteristics of the Libra sign. Their emotions can instantly move from one end to the other. It’s also very emotional. “A news I watched, even a situation I witnessed on the street at that moment can suddenly disrupt my balance and make me very unhappy. But in the same way, I can be happy in a beautiful situation. When I feel bad I get motivated by thinking of the Good things. For example, if a period of my life is really troubled, listening to cheerful music and reading a good book are always good for me. It helps a lot to change my point of view and get rid of that issue. ”

First movie: Murat Aslan / Umut

Her gaze on love: “I think love is something that everyone interprets for themselves. Each person’s definition of love is different. Of course, marriage confuses at first, but then the troubles disappear when you feel that you are with the right person. Mutual love is necessary. The rest is easy. ”

His view on life: He’s not too interested in fame, he just sees it as part of his job. “Due to the nature of our work, fame is a concept that is included in our lives, but it does not concern me much. When you are in successful jobs, your recognition increases. This seems to be ‘celebrated’ in general. However, I am fully involved in life every day. My concern about my job is not being famous, but doing good things. ”

Her view of business life: She thinks it is more difficult for actors to act in comedy productions. “In comedy productions, it is necessary to determine whether the character or the situation is funny. There is a line between being simple and being funny, and that line should always be paid attention to. And comedy is actually a matter of timing. A joke would be funny if it was made at the right time, and it would be simpler if it was done at the wrong time. I think mathematics has an important place in comedy. I used to wonder how I looked on the screen. When I did that, I saw that I couldn’t be successful. I saw that I couldn’t play comfortably when my head was obsessed with how I looked. I went beyond this limit in Behzat Ç. And now I don’t care. I’m not interested in how I look. Sometimes you make a gesture and you can look very ugly. ”

Career plan: She is very satisfied with all the projects she has been involved in so far. She believes that all the jobs he plays in her life bring the next job. “Thank God, I was lucky in terms of projects in it. Most of them have been phenomenal in their own field. I guess it would not be right for me to say a single project, but I can say “Sibling’s Share” as the job I know the most. I see that I take part in good projects. Just like a beautiful picture I paint with the colors I want. I think the most important problem of the new generation players is that they want to move very fast. Actually, this is not just a situation specific to acting. The new generation is impatient no matter what profession it is. They want to “have everything” as soon as possible. However, sometimes the characters you animate or animate can be so strong that it may be necessary to “stop”.

Future Dream: It looks very positively and positively on life. She has big goals for the future. “Frankly, I do not think of getting too old at the age of 50. My energy will always stay like this. I would like to be able to grow my business much more. For example, I can act in a very good foreign film, I can work in foreign productions. I really want to play musical. My voice is not bad. I would like to do something about my voice in the future. ”

Concerns: Against any kind of mindset that separates people. She is very interested in country problems and world order. She thinks that one should not be selfish and that being loving and compassionate can change many situations. They have concerns about women’s rights. “One must first see and change himself from the outside. Maybe then it comes behind like a domino. It is difficult to be a woman all over the world, even more difficult in fascist, male-dominated societies. As you try to exist as an individual, you make extra effort to have people respect you. Our profession is already difficult. I am married, I have a life, I am already a person from family life. But sometimes you need to file your female side and speak in a language they can understand. Since I learned this at a young age, I always go from that channel. This is also a kind of shield. ”

What does she do to feel good? She tries to stop and walks away from the place that wasn’t good for her at the time.

Who laughs the most? “Actually my husband Ali makes me laugh the most.”

Does she follow fashion? She follows fashion, sometimes she spends a lot of money and then regrets it. “I can wear anything. I would never say ‘never wear this’ for any outfit. I do not find anyone odd for what they wear. Because I approach everyone with great love in life and that’s why I love myself very much. So what I want to say is that I am at peace with myself and therefore I can make myself fit everything. What I wear depends entirely on my mood. But I always care about what I wear, because I stand in front of people and I respect them that way. ”

How does she keep her shape? She did not diet all her life, but because she believes that sports is very healthy, she tries to spare time for sports. “I do pilates and fitness. I also go for a walk in the open air whenever I find time. ”

How do you get along with social media? Sometimes she is active, sometimes she is bored. “Sometimes I start to think that I feel better when the phone isn’t in our lives that much. I’m trying to distance my search. I use it very actively for my job. ”

Which book was she affected by? She was very impressed by Ayşe Kulin’s book “Füreya”. “She is the first female ceramic artist in the history of the Republic and has a very impressive life. It impressed me very much. ”

Coastal town? Big city? Definitely a seaside town.

An action movie? Romantic Comedy? She loves both.

Is it calm? Adrenaline? Both depending on the situation.

Food with a weakness? Pasty.

Favorite accessory? Rings.


2020- A Miracle / Ferda

2016 / 2017- Wings Of Love / Leylâ Aydın

2014 / 2015- Sibling Share (Kardeş Payı) / Feyyza Özdemir

2010 / 2013- Behzat Ç. / Eda Akkaya

2010- Happy Home (Şen Yuva) / Oya

2009- Adanalı / Başak

2009- Makber / Güneş

2009- Big Family (Geniş Aile) / Esma

2008- Pars: Narcoterer (Pars: Narkoterör) / Zülfiye Demir

2007- I Have to You (Sana Mecuburum) / Leyla


2020- Ortak/ Pınar

2019- Öldür Beni Sevgilim/ Demet

2018- Arif V 216 /Pembe Şeker/Alev

2015-Kara Bela /Burcu

2014- Zaman Makinesi 1973 /Yasemin-Deniz

2013- Behzat Ç. Ankara Yanıyor / Eda Akkaya

2011- Behzat Ç. Seni Kalbime Gömdüm /Eda Akkaya

2009- Umut / Meryem


2016- Yetenek Sizsizin Türkiye / Jury

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