Series News According to Seda Bakan, Instagram is a case that will drive people crazy!

According to Seda Bakan, Instagram is a case that will drive people crazy!


Famous actress Seda Bakan is one of the famous names who often shares on her Instagram account. The actress said that managing social media is a very difficult job and she appreciates those who do it successfully.

Seda Bakan realized that during the broadcast of the Zeytin Ağacı (Olive Tree / Another Self) series on Netflix, she made an effort to share on social media and realized how difficult it was in that process.

The famous actress said, “There was the Zeytin Ağacı, I worked intensively on Instagram for its promotion. Those posts are work, it’s a serious matter. Running Instagram, I appreciate, is not something everyone can do. I am doing my detox. “I don’t share everything in my life for seconds,” he said.

Explaining that it is a very difficult thing to include in her life by sharing extensively on Instagram, the actress believes that there should be a dose of it.

Emphasizing that it is not a good thing to take care of yourself constantly, Seda Bakan said:

“There has to be a dose. Because people can eat their heads. Because it feeds your head. Always looking at yourself, attracting yourself, seeing yourself… It shouldn’t be a very healthy thing from a psychological point of view. I feel like it. Producing a very abrasive, continuous content is also something that makes people tired. It’s not something everyone can do.”

Mentioning that becoming a mother has made a big change in her life, the actress said that her daughters brought her blessings. The actress stated that after the birth of her daughters, she received advertising business and this was a good process for her.