Seda Bakan both criticized herself and announced her condition for returning to the screen!
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3 December 2022 21:24


Seda Bakan both criticized herself and announced her condition for returning to the screen!

Famous actress Seda Bakan evaluated the sun on winter days by walking. The actress, who went for a walk in the Bosphorus with her daughter Leyla and her babysitter, was caught on camera.

The actress said, “Our country is really beautiful. Hopefully, better things will happen for us,” she said. Stating that she is not doing anything at the moment, the actress said that she is doing sports and resting.

Seda Bakan, who is married to Ali Erel, gave birth to her daughter Leyla in August 2019. While it was observed that little Leyla had changed a lot, she also attracted attention with her cuteness.

Seda Bakan played the character of Ferda in the TV series Mucize Doktor last season, but she suddenly left the story after 13 episodes. In the next period, the actress took part in the cast of the TV series Another Self for Netflix.

The shooting of Another Self, starring Tuba Büyüküstün, has been completed and is expected to be broadcast. The actress did not want to give details about the series.

Seda Bakan stated that she also received offers for television series. The actress said, “It’s coming, but right now I’m not jumping into everything like I used to. I’m a little more selective, because she’s Leyla in my life. I accept things that are worthwhile,” she said. The actress, who made the criticism that she was involved in projects without being selective, with these words, has now decided to be more selective after some troubles.

Expressing that not every project is suitable for her due to both her desire to be with Leyla and because of the coronavirus, the actress said that if it is a worthwhile job and the pace of work suits her, she can do it.

Seda Bakan expects a good scenario for returning to television series. The actress said, “My screen time is related to the project. After a good project, anything can happen,” she said.

Explaining that they caught the coronavirus as a family and that they had their vaccinations, the actress said that the spread of coronavirus on the sets is normal as it is everywhere.

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